1. D


    I have just had an email to say that following the AGM, a new chairman has been appointed for Blue View and Asem will no longer be managing the complex. I wonder if anyone else has heard anything and what it will mean to the owners?
  2. M

    Grand Himalaya Thermal Spa

    Asem posted a link to this on face book- it looks like a huge development of timeshare apartments. Grand Himalaya Thermal Health and Holiday Centre Anyone know anything about this or where in Akbuk it is? Alice
  3. M

    Asem currency now?

    I see ASEM have gone into currency exchange! ^A new venture from the successful ASEM construction group^,as quoted from voices today. Mark
  4. E

    Asem Construction

    Hi Asem Please can you tell me the price of the 5 bed villa. I believe you are struggling to sell it. christine
  5. S

    Sorry Claire from Asem

    My most sincere apologies to Claire. I should not have posted the thread I did and requested the moderator to remove it earlier today. Apologies to fellow members as well.
  6. L

    Odek, FlipFlops, ASEM or A N Other?

    Calling you lovely people of Gulluk I am planing a trip to buy an aprtment or house in the next month or so but there is a lot of information out there so please can you help me. I have some info on Odek, Flipflops and ASEM Constructions properties but it would be really nice if someone could...
  7. S

    Clover Court ASEM Maintenance Charges

    Just wondering if any other residents has any comments on the new maintenance charges at clover court at the moment its approx £500 per year and its going up another £100 so they can fill the empty indoor pool with water.
  8. oldrednose

    asem elisyem villas

    hi,new to the forum.wondered if anyone had bought from asem construction-elisyem villas,quite near to olive village.just wondered if the development was going to be finished on time? (?november 2009).i know there blue view complex has been put back recently.:42:
  9. T

    Just to put you all straight - Asem complex olive village, Akbuk

    The reason we are not doing the bar is not because we could not pay the lease as a was said by someone at asem, More lies... The truth is that i got a call from Barry at asem saying i had 48hrs to pay the lease in full or he was takeing the bar back, at this point i had not even seen a contract...
  10. D

    Asem sol 2

    hi my name is donna , we have just bought a appartment in asemsol 2 in didim. going out soon , any advice on furniture would be gratefull thanks.
  11. I

    asem construction

    anyone brought from asem builders also brought property in clover court.
  12. H

    ASEM Construction

    We are considering purchasing a property from Asem in Altinkum. Building work has not been started yet and is not due for completion until November 2009! The property is 35,700 for a 2 bedroom apartment on 1st floor (56m2). We can get 10% off price if we pay 90% up front with 10% o completion...
  13. Germaine

    Olive Village (asem)

    Hi, I'm looking for my future neighbours. I've only come across 1 so far. So... Anyone who has bought a property on the Akbuk 5 star Olive village site being built by ASEM Construction, please give me a shout. I'd love to speak to you. The completion date is December 2008. (Not to be confused...
  14. C

    ASEM Construction

    Has anyone heard of this company. At present they are building Prestige Apartments, Sunrise Apartments and Marine Park and Marine Court. Are they a relible company to buy from and is the quality of their work good?Please advise? Only a week til i'm in Altinkum can't wait!!
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