1. Akasya

    Sainsbury’s and Asda

    Sainsbury’s and Asda in talks over £10bn merger Assbury's Steve
  2. yalimart

    Asda tablet offer

    Asda have got some offers on tablets at the moment, and you can combine 2 on the samsung. I was looking at the 8" Galaxy tab 3 this morning on John Lewis, it was £199, they give £50 worth of JL vouchers as their offer, I was tempted until I realised it was out of stock Then when I got home...
  3. P

    The Asda challenge.

    Has anyone else done the Asda challenge.I saw it when it first came out and couldn't be bothered,I thought another gimmick.In actual fact it's very good and so easy to do and saves you money. Didn't know where to put this.
  4. L

    Asda cookery book

    For those in the Uk who are interested, this month's free brochure in Asda, available at the till, has lots of Veggie receipes in, which makes a pleasant change. If there is anyone in Turgetries or surrounding area , let me know and I'll bring you a copy out with me next month.
  5. Helenm150

    Asda home delivery

    Got a phone call from my local Asda store at 2.45 p.m. to say that my on line grocery order - delivery 1-3p.m. today - will in fact not be delivered due to a vehicle breaking down. No, apparently a company the size of Asda don't have backup vehicles and no they can't arrange for delivery from...
  6. Andy

    In Asda. Dual DCR100 Clock Radio with Ipod Dock

    Dual DCR100 Clock Radio with Ipod Dock was £30 now £10. £4.95 delivery or free pick up in store. Dual DCR100 Clock Radio with Ipod Dock | Hi-Fi & Docking Stations | ASDA direct As seen on Hot UK Deals
  7. S

    A very fair deal from ASDA?

    what you reckon to this Asda promises to refund shoppers if it is not cheapest supermarket - Telegraph
  8. peter the postie

    Wow! Wii Fit Plus & GameOn Balance Board under £50 at Asda

    This is a very good deal!!! Asda deal
  9. P

    Asda Price

    I don't know if this is out of order or not and having never posted in the jokes section before I don't really know if this crosses any lines, so go easy on me if its a bad one; Selling biscuits for 27p, that's ASDA price. Selling toys for 99p, that's Fisher Price. Selling pathetic rape...
  10. gerald

    ASDA Free Photo Printing Offers

    ASDA Photo Printing - Free ASDA Photo Print offers, Shop Reviews & Guide Latest ASDA Free Photo Printing Offers: Sign-up and get 40 FREE prints Sign-up as a new member of ASDA and get 40 FREE photo prints. If you join now, the membership is absolutely free and 40 free prints will be added to...
  11. P

    ASDA to sell overseas property :)

    EXCLUSIVE: ASDA TO SELL OVERSEAS PROPERTY BY 2009 Asda, portal OPP has learnt that UK supermarket Asda will allow agents and developers to advertise overseas property for sale and rent via its new portal as of spring 2009. Recently launched, the portal provides a platform for...
  12. Andy

    Asda discount code

    £10 Off a £50 Spend @ when you shop online Code: M4-CM-EH-V2
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