1. C

    Supporting artist Gulay

    It sounds as if there some good hearted and practical people in Okcular -Dalyan The Art of Darkness: Gülay Çolak’s talent thrives following despair of disability - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review :clap:
  2. ceemac

    British Artist Fined For Insulting Erdogan

    I think the original incident may have been posted on TLF (possibly by me!), but I can't find the thread. Can you imagine if this were the case in Britain? Half the population would be locked up! 'British artist Michael Dickinson has been fined and may face jail time for refusing to pay the...
  3. D

    Enver Çamdal; Glass Artist Exhibition - 11/September, Gündoğan

    FYI, Gündogan resident and glass internationally renowned artist Enver Çamdal is hosting an exhibition and open evening at his workshop in Gündoğan tonight from 7pm to 8pm tonight (11th September). There will be 10% discount on all glass prices on the night together with welcome drinks and...
  4. B

    Artist supplies in Yalikavak

    Can any one advise me 0f an arts and craft shop in Yalikavak or Bodrum looking for paper, canvas paints & easle etc.
  5. McDHibs

    Artist Supplies in Fethiye

    Hello all does anyone know of an artist supply shop in Fethiye, my wife Linda is looking for large canvases and oil paints. Thankyou Mike
  6. Bim

    Con Artist in Ovacik

    Hi All on this note I understand how people feel when they have been let down by a con artist... I have just returned from what should have been my new apartment. The apartment was not to our spec & the finish was a joke... The developer then went of on one ( After making several excuses ) &...
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