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    Artesian well/tanker water

    Can anyone tell me if it is still possible to drill a well on a site in the Bodrum area. Our site is being crippled financially by the water charge from the council(lots of grass) so can we still get water by tanker and if so does it have to be bought from the council and at what cost. if anyone...
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    New Artesian Well

    This might be helpful to some of you involved in site management because it is an example of how Turks do things. Ours is predominantly Turkish site of 50 houses with large swimming pool and minimal public area and they take advice from a Turkish lawyer. We have had a new artesian well...
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    Artesian Well in Datca

    We are planning to dig an artesian well on our land. Has anyone had artesian well installed on their property in Datca? Do you know of any company that deals with this kinf of stuff? I am new to this topic but I just begun to do my research :clap:
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    Artesian Wells

    Hi, can anybody give us an idea of how much per metre to drill for an artesian, and a rough idea of cost once water is found. We are hopefully having our own well, but the builder has forgotten how much he quoted, we obviously dont want to just guess, it would be better if we could at least...
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