1. S

    Iraq- the cavalry arrives

    Well well well- after the murder mayhem and mess brought about by US and their leckys in Iraq its down to Iran and Russia to ride to the rescue with jets etc to put the US backed extremist genie back in the bottle I think we all owe Moscow/Tehran a lot of gratitude for saving us all, cavalry...
  2. B

    Soil from WW1 battlefields arrives in UK.

    BBC News - WWI 'sacred soil' ceremony takes place in London A nice gesture and delivery by the Belgians. I just hope that the ceremony to commemorate those who died in WW1 goes as well. Bill.
  3. Z

    4th Digging Machine Arrives

    This morning a 4th excavator arrived on site, and surprising perhaps as it's now a route i can't drive or even a walk my family can't take to Tansas without having angry finger pointing locals harass them, it drove onto site just as the other machines did via the original access. What actual...
  4. E

    thomas cook arrives in tulza

    good news,turquoise villas are now on thomas cook brochures,boost to area,hopefully flamingo is next on their list
  5. Marc

    HSBC arrives in Akbuk

    For those that use HSBC (Turkey) you will no longer need to travel to Didim to withdraw money from their ATM as there is one being situated in Akbuk opposite the belediye. Normally its about a week to get these up and running but with the Election on Sunday it may be a little longer, but it...
  6. M

    British Navy arrives in Kusadasi

    HMS Ocean and Mounts Bay arrived in Kusadasi today. HS Ocean docked around 8.30 and Mounts Bay just coming in around 11.05. They are both in for 5 days. Although both are royal navy ships one is a troop carrier for the army so both navy and army are here. Kusadasi could be a dry town by...
  7. dalid69

    First Easyjet Plane Arrives In Dalaman

    The first Easyjet plane has just landed in Dalaman The official start date is tomorrow but there is a flight that leaves for London Gatwick today at 5pm which returns at 21.55pm so presumably the plane will be based here as the flight in was not listed on the ATM airport website. Paul
  8. Mushtaq

    Summer arrives in Akbuk

    Summer is here in Akbuk, flowers are out and fruit ripening so I went out this morning to take a few pictures to share with you all. Weather is now getting warmer by the day, yesterday was in mid 30s and today looks about the same. What's it like in UK? :)
  9. Marc

    Garanti bank ATM arrives in Akbuk

    I realise this might not excite everyone but for those with Garanti Accounts opened in Didim it will save the journey to withdrawer monies. Has been installed next to Akgullers Market, Branded box and all cabling seems complete (delivered Wednesday) although actual Money machine not installed...
  10. Raysalaff

    The Hustler Arrives !!

    Check it out ... No doubt it's already been posted Ray
  11. Mushtaq

    ADSL Arrives in AKBUK

    Just been told that ADSL has finally arrived in Akbuk :307bt: Great news for Marc, as he will be able to work from home, I think time to invest in a good range WIFI system in our complex :lol:
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