1. A89

    the day has arrived!

    The day has finally arrived when I leave Turkey! My cat will be collected soon to go by road and i'll be picked up at 2pm. My kids will meet me at the airport, tomorrow morning drop my daughter at work then I'm going to meet my best friend, look at a car & furniture then on Monday me and my kids...
  2. A

    Finally arrived

    It would seem that Bongo bongo land politics have now officially arrived in The UK. If the Scots vote no, then extra powers will be given to the Scottish Parliament. When will the native Englishmen be consulted?
  3. B

    Has the BIG 'M' arrived in Yalikavak

    Rumour has it that a very large 'Big M' transporter arrived in Yalikavak, can you guess where the all brand new 'BIG M' will open shortly (or not)......burger me? I prefer 'BK', but if more visitors are attracted, it will be good for the town and property prices.
  4. S

    They've arrived

    Our small town has just seen the arrival of 700 Lithuanians, here for the flower/vegetable picking. They are housed in caravans on the farms, many have no running water or electric.The job is back breaking and they are out in all weathers. Far from being spongers and expecting hand outs, these...
  5. H

    The Ants have arrived

    The ants have arrived with a vengeance. Any new remedies out there this year?????????
  6. C

    Just arrived back home

    well made it back home early hours this morning from our first visit to Yalikavak Loved Yalikavak itself, was not too impressed with the villa to be honest. Advertised as satellite tv and internet, and although we knew in advance they had cancelled internet there was no tv either, the cooker...
  7. perfect1949

    spring as arrived

    after the coldest winter in turkey that i can remember , spring as arrived and i am wearing shorts and sandals again yipeeeeee . dave
  8. Mary

    New Grandson arrived yesterday

    Hi all, Our new grandson Jacob John (JJ) arrived yesterday at 1.00pm by cesearean section, a little fraught and scary as some would know she was very ill on life support at xmas and she still is not fully recovered but miracle Jacob arrived. He was 6ib 1oz and 38 weeks however is in an incubator...
  9. shirleyanntr

    the bikers have arrived

    the 47 th presedential bike race is reaching the final stage... you can watch them coming into Alanya on TRT1... Alanya is looking great ..some wonderful aerial shots.. they are coming up the 35 metre road coming as far as Tosmur rounabout and then they will carry on down the sea front road ...
  10. C

    Rescued Turks arrived in Marmaris

    A lot of people sat up to watch the live TV of their arrival from Libya last night - I guess Marmaris will see more arrivals too. Turkish ships with 3,000 evacuees from Libya land in Marmaris - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review
  11. perfect1949

    the stork as arrived early

    well christmas as come early for me . my new grandson as been borne his name his thomas , he was borne at 4 on monday in the afternoon . dave
  12. S


    Well after a 4 hr delay we have arrived and have just enjoyed a beer in the beer garden... :) Just need to find a supermarket besides the one at the marina any directions would be welcome.... Also will now try and find the centre of yali
  13. G

    The future has arrived! Killer robots!

    Beware the Killer Robots are at large! :robot: Johann Hari: The age of the killer robot is no longer a sci-fi fantasy - Johann Hari, Commentators - The Independent
  14. KKOB

    The Stork's Arrived !

    Sorry, That should be plural. :lol: We've just had about 20 storks come into land in the valley. They're the first arrivals for this winter.
  15. altinkum kev

    Santa arrived yesterday

    Christmas came early for me yesterday, thank you Billy. 16 pork chops 4 boxes weetabix 6 boxes digestives and booze etc what a mate!!!:49::angel::224xb:
  16. A

    Tapu has arrived

    Great news our Tapu as arrived:flame::lol::lol:
  17. B

    have arrived in candarli

    Hi every one just to let you no we have arrived in Candarli [28march] thought i'd let you no how things went our flight over was terriable had to turn back to England so instead of 4hrs it took 11hrs. But since then things have been going fine,we applied for a residence permit in Izmir to bring...
  18. paddington bear

    We have arrived

    Well folks we have arrived in Side with all 18 bags and 2 boxes. What a doddle going through customs, we got 6 trolleys piled all the cases on and then asked for help, waiving lira brought 2 men and 2 ladies who pushed our trolleys from the carousel and to the customs point. All the customs...
  19. L

    Just arrived in Bitez

    hi i am living in Bitez and just arrived eek! i am trying to find out if there are any clubs or anywhere i can meet people? its a scary time to be on my own!
  20. S

    Newly arrived - Digiturk/DSmart? What's Dream/Sky box?

    Hello, I've just come from the U.S. (October) and am going through some serious tv withdrawal. My main programming options appear to be Digiturk and DSmart here in Bursa - what's a Dreambox/Skybox, etc.? I assume this is specific to the U.K? I would like to have access to both American (I miss...
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