1. suzyq

    US to arm Kurds in battle for Raqqa

    US President Donald Trump has approved supplying weapons to Kurdish forces fighting so-called Islamic State (IS) in Syria, the Pentagon says. Kurdish elements of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) would be equipped to help drive IS from its stronghold, Raqqa, a spokeswoman said. The US was...
  2. N

    "Akbuk Residence" - Tapu holders in Block C

    Hi, I am trying to locate people who own Tapus for block C in a complex which was started several years ago by ARM Construction, called "Akbuk Residence"... about half the site was built, then the builder went bust / disappeared. Block A recently was completed by the people who own Tapus in...
  3. Billy Joe

    Should we arm our police.

    Security services have foiled FORTY terror plots since 2005 | Daily Mail Online With the ever increasing threat of terror on the streets of the UK is it time all our police were armed.
  4. immac

    US To Arm Kurds

    Obama is announcing today that he will be arming and training Kurdish fighters in the fight against IS. I don´t expect they will be handing the weapons back at the end. I am trying to find reference to this in the Turkish papers where someone links the arming of the Kurds in Syria to them...
  5. Jaycey

    Pilot's arm fell off!

    Pilot's artificial arm 'became detached while landing plane' BBC News - Pilot's artificial arm 'became detached while landing plane' A pilot lost control of a passenger plane after his artificial arm became detached as he was coming in to land, an accident report has said. The Flybe flight...
  6. beyazbayan

    Uk to arm Kurds

    Philip Hammond, the Foreign Secretary, is on Friday expected to tell his EU counterparts in Brussels that Britain is prepared to join France and arm the Kurds.
  7. V

    Arm construction debacle

    Hi, ex owner at armoni who has lost contact with other ex owners, just wondering if anyone has managed to get justice/property or money back from the whole carry on? Found some pictures today of BBQ nights at armoni in the summer which prompted the question.
  8. Jaycey

    Vietnam war veteran recovers his long-lost arm

    OMG ! BBC News - Vietnam war veteran recovers his long-lost arm :splat:
  9. S

    ARM CONSTRUCTION LTD- have you been affected?

    Hi all, I am looking for people who have paid money to this company for property for which they never received a tapu, money was borrowed on the property and you have since lost the property or if you were one of those who in an effort to salvage something from this fiasco paid over another...
  10. bickern

    Double arm transplant

    Following on from the tragic end to the life of the world's first triple-limb transplant recipient it is nice to hear of this guy. ---------------------------------------------------- Atilla Kavdır, who is now recovering after a double-arm transplant surgery in January, has said he wants to...
  11. scotssteve

    A.r.m. Construction - habitation

    Afternoon to anyone who bought from A.R.M. Just a short post to advise that we are happy to be retained by any owner who has not yet obtained their Habitation Certificate. Please PM or use the contact slot at the top of the page regards
  12. bickern

    Cleared: The teacher sacked for grabbing disruptive boy's arm

    A teacher falsely accused of assaulting a disruptive pupil won his battle to clear his name yesterday. Despite 33 years of unblemished service, Ronnie Lane was sacked after the 15-year-old claimed the arts teacher had seized his arm and left him with scratch marks. Read more: Cleared: the...
  13. D

    ARM properties

    I own one of the aydin villas and have investments in akbuk residence. I have heard a rumour that the electric and water is about to be cut off at properties built by ARM construction in Akbuk. Anyone able to confirm or deny this? Does anyone have contact details for akbuk residence and RA as...
  14. A

    ARM Aydin villas water bill

    The A.R.M complex Aydın villas have received letters from Akbuk council today That they have an outstanding water bill of 291,123 Turkish liras to date 21.06.2010 for the 26 villas on site The council have given the owners 7 days notice to pay the 291,123 Liras Or they will cut the water off...
  15. J

    ARM in The Sunday World newspaper

    I see the dodgy underhand dealings by ARM construction company have made it onto the pages of The News Of The World Sorry folks its The Sunday World , a Northern Ireland News Paper . I will look for a link to the story .
  16. N

    Your views on ARM Construction

    Anyone out there got anything positive to say about ARM Construction ( Just wondered....
  17. GnD

    Skinput gadget turns your own ARM into a touchscreen display

    This really is extremely impressive; Those who find the touchscreens on their ever shrinking gadgets too fiddly to handle, will be glad to hear scientists are developing a new touch surface... your own arm. Developers at Microsoft Research and Carnegie Mellon University are working together to...
  18. carolk

    ARM -Another property scam!!!

    It seems like the other one. Have a look at the links below. Its under scams, scammers etc. A campaign for justice, PLEASE JOIN US! • Index page Contact Us | ARM Property Scandal Akbuk Turkey It is now getting beyond believable!!! Why is this news not getting out, why is it all being kept...
  19. Marc

    New Commercial site in front of ARM development

    Hi Guys, Supposedly brand new shops going directly in front of the ARM build on the main road through Akbuk, no details on who the tennents will be yet but one massive build has just gone up covering half of the views from the villas and another in the process of being erected. Sure hope the...
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