1. S

    Advice please - Bozöğrü and Atakent areas

    Hi we have started looking at areas to buy a villa and were originally looking in Fethiye area but are widening our search. We liked the look of some of the villas at Hillside and the complexes in the Bozöğrü and Atakent areas near Dalaman. I'd really appreciate if it any of you could give me...
  2. R

    1st Post - Buying In Alanya - Areas

    Hi All, It's time to buy a little holiday home, just for our families to come and unwind. (without any hope of the property appreciating in value, or getting any rental income from it). I'm looking to buy a 2-bed+2-Bath Apartment in Alanya, in the following areas and would love some local...
  3. bal canavar

    'credible threats' to tourist areas in Istanbul, Antalya

    US warns of 'credible threats' to tourist areas in Istanbul, Antalya extract from link The United States embassy in Turkey on April 9 warned American citizens of "credible threats" to tourist areas in Istanbul and the Mediterranean resort city of Antalya, a day after Israel warned of "imminent...
  4. suzyq

    Day Tripping Izmir and Surrounding Areas

    Let's face it -- İzmir, right in the middle of Turkey's Aegean coast, is one hell of a big city. So if you're heading from north to south or vice versa you're going to have to decide what to do about it -- factor in the time for a visit or give it a wide berth? Personally, I think that it's...
  5. TurkInDenmark

    Tourist areas in Izmir?

    Hi all, I'm studying Turkish in a Danish university, and I'm planning to take my next semester in Izmir to practice my Turkish. That's why I want to find a job, I don't have high expectations, a job as a waiter is fine. The main goal is to practice my Turkish. So are there any specific...
  6. maggie

    Electricity Maintenance in Didim and surrounding areas .

    AYDEM ANNOUNCED S?X-HOUR POWER OUTAGE IN D?D?M | Didim Fla? Haber Advanced notice Hugs maggie xx
  7. R

    Help looking for Jeannie and Pete are either from Dalaman or Calis areas?

    Does anyone know Jeannie and Pete ?
  8. MandyH

    Long Term Let - Çaliş, Akarca, Günlükbaşi areas

    Hi, My partner and I are looking for very long term let, min 2 yrs - Minimum 2 beds, ground floor apart or small villa/house, unfurnished - rent between 400-650tl a month, must accept two small yorkshire terriers and two african grey parrots.
  9. niyaz

    White Britons 'In Retreat' From Minority Areas

    Southall in Middlesex is a good example. I was 19 when I started with john colliers in southall. (Selling menswear outlet around 1980's). I could then see the influx of Indians coming and white British selling up and leaving but not getting replaced. As long as there is not an influx of...
  10. T

    Satellite Installer needed in Bodrum and Kusadasi areas.

    Does anyone have the number of a satellite dish installer in bodrum and kusadasi please
  11. A

    Long term rental wanted! Hisaronu\ovacik areas please.

    Hi thanks for taking the time to have a read. We have been looking to move out of Britain for the last couple of years and after coming over to Hisaronu earlier this year we have absoloutely fallen in love with the place. We have decided to take the plunge and move out to the beautiful...
  12. I

    Updates on other areas not Altinkum Beach

    Hiya guys, with all this stuff about Altinkum Beach from how is Yesilkent Beach looking..when I went last year I spent most of my time there with the was just perfect also does Mavisehir have a beach..we did go down to see the sunset there and went the the market area. I never really...
  13. A

    Areas in Side

    Hi - we are staying in Side this year and I am getting a bit confused as to what area we are actually staying in. We are located by the Korner Bar and Allaturc Restaurant (not too sure on the spelling). Could anybody please tell me what this area is called and is there a lot of...
  14. S

    Your areas ups/downs

    The "Whats Akbuk really like" thread has got me to thinking about pluses and minuses in all areas We are all naturally gonna big up the area we have our place in but when the rose specs come off there are bound to be downsides to everywhere. Whilst I reckon you need to visit a place for...
  15. C

    Wedding Venues Bitez/Bodrum areas

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone can suggest a suitable wedding venue in the Bitez/Bodrum area. We're looking for something outdoors with nice views, romantic, and large enough to accommodate Irish / turkish wedding for approx 100 people.............just wondering if anyone knows of any "hidden...
  16. G

    Working in Kusadasi/Surrounding Areas

    Hi all, Not sure if I am posting on the right forum, but this website is great and seems to cater for everyones needs.... I am an English girl living just oustide of Kusadasi, looking for work. My main profession has been office based, Reception, Secretary, Personal Assistant, but I am...
  17. K

    Up coming election and the impact on property in military areas

    Hi I was wondering if anyone had any update on up coming elections and if the outcome of the election was positive then this would have an impact on property located in military zones being transferable to the owners. Is this true or does anyone know ? Many thanks PW
  18. Mary

    Why is Bodrum more expensive than other areas

    Hi I am not knocking anywhere I love Bodrum BUT it is so expensive compared with other areas that I have visited and Bodrum in my opnion is no better. I am not a snob far from it, we just liked Bodrum and bought on the peninsular. Having now after almost 4 years visited other areas roughly...
  19. J

    things to do in Yalikavak and surrounding areas and dolmus prices

    :77wu:hello could you tell me how much it would cost from Yalikavak to altinkum on the dolmus, as i will be staying there at the end of july but would like to see ephesus.. Also could you tell me of anywhere that would be good to go? for families, days out that sort of thing, around Yalikavak...
  20. J

    Tooth whitening in Bodrum/Yalikavak areas??

    Hi--does anyone have any info or experience(good or bad????!!) of going to a dentist in the Bodrum or Yalikavak area for tooth whitening? Is it done there in the surgery with lasers or by a bleach-type gel/toothshield thing at home?? Any advice welcome. Cheers
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