1. paddington bear

    Boarding Kennels around Side area?

    Does anybody please know if there are any good dog boarding kennels in the Side area.
  2. immac

    Health Food Shop (Fethiye Area)?

    Is there a health food shop in or around Fethiye? Google just throws back shops that say they sell healthy food. Chemists seem to sell a small range of tablets or drinks, but a bit hit and miss, with generally small stock/choice. I can buy on-line, but I would like to browse. In particular, I...
  3. Justin

    English speaking electrician Didim area

    Could anybody recommend an English speaking electrician either Altinkum or Akbuk. Thanks
  4. suecheshireuk

    Kennels and cattery recommendation please, Fethiye area.

    Hi, I have read an old thread on places recommended for dogs, but just wondering if anyone has any recent recommendations on where to place our cat and dog when we go on our holidays. Many thanks. xx
  5. C

    Physiotherapist in Side or Manavgat area?

    Does anybody know an English speaking physio for sports injury in Side / Manavgat? Thanks as always! :)
  6. Neil_Denizli

    Cleaning Ninja Needed Bodrum Area

    Just retaken possession of my villa after 3 years rental - and I need a cleaner who isn't afraid to get his or her hands dirty. Not talking sweeping and mopping here - more a really deep clean - insides of cupboards, plug sockets and switches, cracks with accumulated dirt, fridge. Though I'd...
  7. A

    which area to buy

    In Istanbul
  8. suecheshireuk

    Moving personal items from TRNC to Fethiye area.

    Thoughts, ideas, suggestions most welcome. We have hit a bit of a wall regarding moving some of our stuff to Turkey. One removal firm said they won't ship it as they don't have enough customers, so it will have to go by air, which could prove expensive. Another company say's they will only do...
  9. K

    Help in the Ankara area

    Hi All Dose anyone have the email address for the marriage officer in the Yenimahalle district of Ankara I believe the marriage officer is called, Devran Bozkurt. Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. S

    Internet options Aegean area

    Am going over to Turkey for 2 months and am looking for advice re best options for house internet access with no long term contract. I am assuming that there will be monthly Turkish sim card data package options but is there anything else available which is worth considering?
  11. C

    Wanted: Someone local to the Bodrum area to make some discreet inquiries

    Hi. I am looking for some help from someone located in the Bodrum (ish) area (will of course pay). I would like a few discreet inquiries made on my behalf (all perfectly legal and above board). If you think you may be able to assist please pm me for further details. Regards Chris
  12. Andybutt

    Carpenter needed - Bodrum area

    Hi all Anybody know of a decent carpenter/cabinet maker in the Bodrum area? Looking at having some fitted wardrobes built. Thanks Andy
  13. Camden

    What is Happening in the Red Sea area?

    Why the sudden interest in the Red Sea area? with a flurry of building military bases and ports, with Saudi Arabia, China, Israel, the UAE and the US all doing so, in a build-up of military presence. Also a rash of outlying islands swops. Now being followed by Turkey, with the Sudanese...
  14. W

    long term rental akbuk or surrounding area

    my wife and I are looking for a furnished or part furnished 3bed apart/villa long term min. 1 year in akbuk or open to suggestions on area:
  15. McB

    Epidemic in Antalya area?

    Does anyone know anything about this bacterial epidemic that is supposedly spreading in the Antalya region...'Coxxxxxxxxxxsomehting-or-other'....
  16. O

    Area news

    :cheers:Hi We have an apartment on Golf Life – next to Lakeside and would love to know what’s happening around the area. We were there in May and lots of building work going on. Roads being widened, new shops – on the road to Teksen as well as as new apartments and villas. Also heard there...
  17. C

    Live Webcams in Bodrum area

    There is now a webpage at 7/24 Live Bodrum View and Events. which shows 8 live feeds from around the Bodrum area. (Scroll down the page and click on one of the camera icons. The images can also be made full screen by clicking on the icon at bottom right) The cameras are situated at various...
  18. J

    New to area. Looking for friends

    I have recently moved to Side and would like to know if there are activities or groups where I could meet English speaking people. I have been living in Turkey for 5 years and moved here in November. I would welcome any advice about places to go to meet people and any useful information about...
  19. T

    Long term rental in Bodrum area.

    I have a contact who is looking to rent long term in Bodrum or surrounding area as long as its not too long a bus journey into the center. Can anyone give us the names/details of good reliable agents who deal in this. Feel free to pm me if you want. Many Thanks.
  20. O

    Looking for male/female friends to hang out with in Alanya area!

    Hello! I'm 44, female. I do like walking, travelling, reading, writing, cooking etc. and Looking for male or female friends to hang out with in Alanya. No age or nationality restriction but it would be better if your over 45 to share the similar interests. Thank you.
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