1. pepperkat

    British architect found dead in Yalikavak

    national News - BGNNews A British / Iranian architect found dead in his villa in Yalikavak. He had been dead for 4 days , his dog was sat at his side.
  2. S

    Architect in Marmaris?

    Has anyone had to deal with architects in the area? We now find that we need one and we have been quoted incredible prices to get a building licence through the belediye process. Any help or recommendations would be appreciated.
  3. LyndaW


    Does anyone know of a architect in the Alanya area...English speaking would be a bonus Thanks Lynda
  4. W

    Good Architect in Altinkum

    Hi All, Does anyone know of a good building Architect in Altinkum who may be able to help with the issue of legality of swimming pools? Any suggestions and contact details of an English speaking Architect would be welcome.. Thanks Alan
  5. D

    architect needed in Koycegiz area

    How much should I expect to pay an architect to design a house and has anyone used one in the area
  6. F

    anyone know an architect? english speaking

    Dear All, Hoping one of you can direct me to a good english speaking architect. İ have designed my house and need someone to draw up the plans. Would love some recommendations of who to use in this area. Thanks
  7. okartal69

    architect in bodrum

    hi my name is oktay kartal , architect in bodrum since 1993 hi all
  8. D

    Architect required

    Can anyone recommend an architect in the Mugla, Aydin or even Izmir area. We're looking at a new-build in stone that is to incorporate a small existing stone house and would like a few possible names to sound out. Dalamanli
  9. immac

    Architect's Fees?

    A friend wants a villa designed (aprox 150m2) as a one-off project. He is currently being quoted £5000 for an architect to design this and to do regular (unspecified number) site visits to oversee the stages of the build. This seems steep to me and I am wondering if others have used an...
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