1. juco

    Fire at Didim aqua park.

    Link to voices below: Fire hits Didim Aqua Park | Voices Newspaper
  2. H

    Aqua Park

    Does anyone know if the waterpark in Bodrum is open again after its temp shutdown?
  3. D

    Aqua Park prices?

    Does anyone know how much they charge this year for adults and children please?
  4. N

    Mavisher market open yet also is aqua park didim

    can any body tell me is mavisher market open yet also is aqua park didim thanks for any help
  5. altinkum kev

    New rides Aqua park

    Dont know if it will be ready for the start of season but big new rides being built at the moment.
  6. M

    Aqua Park

    Does anyone know if the Aqua Park is open and the entrance cost Thanks xx mo
  7. S

    Aqua Shoes/Sea Shoes

    Have now booked our first trip to Royal Heights on July 12th. I know the sea is a lovely clear turquoise colour but will my children need sea/aqua shoes if it is really stoney. Any thoughts appreciated - Thank You!
  8. C

    Damlataş Aqua Park

    Hi, I was wondering if any of you living in Alanya would happen to know the entrance fee and during which ours the Aqua Park in Alanya is open? Is it closed during the winter? And if so when does it open? Thanks in Advance Magnus
  9. D

    Aqua fit

    Come on ladies & gents get fit the easy way & have a laugh. I am going to The Derby pool every Wednesday at 10am & enjoying it, surpised myself.
  10. animalmad34

    Anyone near club aqua hotel gumbet that can look after a dog for me for 1 day only

    There is a dog near the club aqua hotel in Gumbet and im trying to see if someone can locate the dog , hold on to her for me until a friend of mine comes and gets the dog As we have found a home for her, But everytime we go there we cant find her so that is why i am asking to see if anyone can...
  11. D

    club aqua hotel in torba

    Hi does any-one have any info good or bad about this hotel cannot find any reviews on the internet so I think it must be a new hotel
  12. A

    Didim Aqua Park

    Hi, I am bringing my 11 year old granddaughter out for half term, 26th Oct. Can anyone tell me if the Aqua Park is still open until end of October. I have tried emails to them, visited their web site but it doesn't say anything about when it closes. I could ring I suppose but wondered if anyone...
  13. C

    Aqua Park - food & lockers

    I have read as much as I can from the forums about the Bodrum (Dedeman) Aqua Park and research & translated the Turkish websites (price on their sıte says 37TL per adult, 27 TL per kid, 7-12). Question 1: Can I bring in some or all of my own food? Question 2: Can someone confirm they have...
  14. S

    Peyda Aqua

    A warning to those who are going to the Peyda Aqua this summer, we booked a holiday with On The Beach ( Med Hotels ) to the Peyda Aqua, for 5 days we had no hot water, the stairwell was not lit and the ant population of Altinkum lived on the same floor as us, " teknik " guy came on the second...
  15. wiuru

    Aqua Park

    Could anyone please tell us if the Aqua Park is opened yet, as we wish to take our grandaughter tomorrow for her 6th birthday and don't want a little dissapointed face if we drive up and find it is closed. Thanks
  16. L

    Didim Aqua Park

    :) Does anyone know if the Aqua park will be open in Didim in October around half term - also would the market at Maveishir be open too?? :music:
  17. D

    Calis Aqua Park

    Further to my query / post regarding the Ovacik water park, and as I am visiting our aptment next week with my eldest son, and eldest grandson.... as an alternative there is the Calis water park I have heard about. Is it far from the water taxi stop / start ? can we walk it from there ? is...
  18. J

    Peyda Aqua

    I have now found out that these apartments are in Altinkum not kusadasi as i originally thought. So any views on these would be great!
  19. J

    Peyda aqua

    Any information on this complex would be appreciated. We are looking at a two bedroom apartment,.
  20. P

    Advise please - Peyda Aqua Apartments, Altinkum

    Any advise please on buying in complex Peyda Aqua apartments. Just looking for a small holiday apartment for myself and freinds.. Have read mixed views on these apartments.. Any advise would be of help.. Regards :)
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