1. P

    Cimentepe Apartments Yalikavak

    Have booked the above for 3weeks Sept/Oct, this site has told me so much as to where to eat/drink/walk etc in Yalikavak, I feel I know it already. Have stayed in Turgutries, is it similar in size? There appear to be quite a lot of ex pats in Yalikavak which has got to be a recommendation. Any...
  2. G

    3 Bdr furnished Apt for long term rental in Rose Garden Apts.

    Furnished top floor dublex 3bdr apt with sea views is for rent. Dishwasher, refrigrator, laundry machine, couch, beds, 22inch FullHD Tv, Satellite Receiver, DVD player and kitchen utensils are available. AC in the living room and ceiling fans in other rooms. Two bathrooms. In the center of...
  3. R

    royal marina apts

    hi i am new to this forum i am coming over in july and wanted some info on the above apts also can anyone give some advice on the best places to eat and drink in altkinkun cheers rasher 58
  4. onz


    hi looking for any info for this area ,local restaurants,shops .nearest supermarket etc any help would be great .......could be moving to this area soon (ish):25:
  5. G

    Sunflower apts

    Is this the best site for the news & views of Sunflower apt owners ? And can someone inform me if Oracle have stopped the daily shuttle service to the seafront from Sunflower. Regards Geoff
  6. G

    Rose Garden Apts, 2-beds and 1-bed FOR SALE..

    Dear friends, I am one of the landowners in Rose Garden Apts, Gulluk. I am selling one 2-bed (55000 GBP) and one 1-bed apartment (35000 GBP). I am not a developer nor a real estate broker. So, you will get your tapu without any hassle and any commission. Please PM me for further details...
  7. T

    Orange Garden apts

    Any one on the Kemer forum know Yusef (excuse spelling) from Orange Garden apts? I lost their e mail address and just want to know how he and his lady are getting on, last time we were there (2009 as well as 08) they were about to become parents think around Oct 09. Their cat Sergy was always up...
  8. mrsed

    VIVA MAR:Builder re-selling apts!!!

    Hi all, ERAY & KORAY SUNBUL-IPD are re-selling apts on the VivaMar site. I have been selected as an Auditor for the site & while dealing with voting disputes it came out that an apt we know for sure has been bought by a British Owner has been sold on to the previous site manager's(Reyhan Ozvan)...
  9. P

    Golden Park Apts

    Hi new member here, staying in Golden Park Altinkum on 26th 3rd time in Altinkum we love the place anyone know what apts are like. Regards Pat
  10. V

    Armoni Apts

    Hi, I am looking for owners on the above site to get in touch to discuss the current developments/way forward at the site. Either PM me or leave an e-mail address. If anyone knows the current whereabouts of the caretaker and contact details that would also be appreciated Thanks
  11. tonybhoy

    opus apts

    hi,my sister has booked these apts for her/hubby and 2 kids just wondering if anyone has stayed in them or knows what area they are in and if its near to beach,shops etc etc thanks
  12. mrsed

    Viva mar apts

    Hi All, I am trying to get in touch with other owners in the Viva Mar complex nr the marina & Temple of Appollo.
  13. T

    Satellite TV at Sunflower apts

    Hi, is anyone else having problems with the satellite service. We followed the rules at the time and paid for satellite TV service (£220 from memory) from Oracle's recommended supplier and the service now does not provide any English speaking channels. Previously we had BBC world, CNN, BBC...
  14. C

    Armoni apts

    Hello, is there anyone on here that has an apartment in the Armoni Complex by ARM?:5:
  15. BigDog

    The Ten Apts, Calis

    Has Anyone stayed in these Apts and if so what are they like. Im going out on the 3rd Oct and was just wondering ???????
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