1. bickern

    April Jokes 2020

    Two pirates, Morty and Sol, meet in a bar. Sol has a patch over one eye, a hook for a hand, and a wooden peg leg. “Ye gads, matey,” says Morty. “What happened to ya?” Sol says, “Me pirate ship was attacked, and a lucky shot lopped off me leg. So now I got me a wooden peg.” “And yer hand?” asks...
  2. D

    April Jokes '19.

    Wish me luck in this year's London Marathon. I managed 3 hours, 12 minutes and 9 seconds last year. This year I will try to beat that, But I usually get bored and turn our TV over to watch "Loose Women" or some Cooking Show..
  3. IbrahimAbi

    5.1 Quake hits SE Turkey April 24th

    A magnitude 5.1 earthquake struck Samsat district in Turkey’s southeastern province of Adıyaman early April 24. Adiyaman is the nearest large town to Nemrut, where the stone heads are on top of the mountain. The quake struck at 3:34 a.m. (00:34 GMT) at a depth of seven kilometers, the Turkish...
  4. abba

    April 23 Celebrations

    Happy Sovereignty Day and Childrens Day to all Turkish people and especially the children who today showed us some of their talent although much less than in years past due to cut backs in celebrations generally.
  5. oldfogy

    HSBC TR Banking upgrade works April 20-22

    Just received from HSBC TR
  6. christella

    April jokes

    a couple of weeks ago i had an operation for TN as i went to surgery i said to the surgeon when you are in my brain can you have a look i have lost my password for my computer so after the operation he said to me he could not find it but he found all my bank details
  7. M

    Wheelchair accessible rental for April or May Akbuk

    Has anyone got a sort of ground floor apartment, villa, bungalow which is accessible for a wheelchair user, level access shower area, ground floor bedroom. Preferably Akbuk area for a couple of weeks in April or May 2018 thanks
  8. D

    April Jokes '17

    My son came running down the stairs shouting "Dad, Dad".. "Mum is Stiff and Lifeless in the Bedroom". * "Don't I know it son, but her Cooking is getting better". I replied.
  9. K

    Turkish Referendum April 2017

    I am a villa owner in Dalyan. Can anyone tell me what, if any, the implications of this referendum are going to be for me. I don't fully understand but could this referendum begin a movemnt away from the model set up by Attaturk?
  10. E

    Has RTE had a heart attack or is it April 1st stunt?

    It suggests that RTE has gone to hospital after possibly a heart attack. Orriginally dated yesterday but maybe for april 1. Can't find any other mention of it anywhere. https://www.facebook.com/ExposeTheTruth/videos/548585985316136/?fref=nf
  11. D

    April Jokes '16

    QUICK REMINDER :- April Fool’s Day has been moved to 2nd April because of the Leap Year
  12. M

    Dolmus travel from 1st April 2016

    Hi, Could anyone please advise me as to whether the local dolmus' are running between: - Didim and Milas - Milas and Akyaka - Akyaka and Marmaris. I can only find information regarding the large bus companies and most of these appear to go from Soke or Aydin. Many thanks
  13. A

    Expo 2016 from April

    Expo 2016 will be held in Aksu which is between Side and Antalya - starting in April - well worth a visit = EXPO 2016 ANTALYA
  14. A

    Tourist Submarines in Alanya in April

    Turkey's first tourist submarine will start in April this year in Alanya - see here = Turkey?s first tourist submarine soon in Alanya ? Turkey Culture Magazine
  15. pepperkat

    Is it April the 1st?

    On the BBC news this morning a report on a Belfast hotel flogging water recovered from icebergs £26.00 for a 70 cl bottle. With a pretentious prat going on about the lingering qualities of taste and bouquet. This surely has to be a joke.
  16. W

    Bulgaria -scenic places to visit in April

    To those who have a place in Bulgaria or have spent some time there I would be grateful for the low down on readily accessible places to visit. I usually travel straight through Bulgaria en route to Turkey - stopping overnight in Sofia or Plovdiv. Last year we tried a different route just for a...
  17. J

    2 x cheap returns Liverpool - Bodrum 21 April

    10 days - 21 April to 2 May at around 75% cheaper than the current Easyjet price plus name change - pm me if interested and I'll pass it on to the seller
  18. Jaycey

    April Jokes

    The year is 2222 and Charlie and Maureen land on Mars after accumulating enough Frequent Flier miles. They meet a Martian couple and are talking about all sorts of things. Charlie asks if Mars has a stock market, if they have laptop computers, how they make money, etc. Finally, Maureen brings...
  19. suzyq

    British Consulate Meeting 13 April 2015

    The British Consulate Izmir invites British residents in Didim area to a community meeting, to be held at Didim Chamber of Commerce (Conference room) on Monday 13 April, at 14:30. Please share this message with British nationals who might be interested in attending – particularly those not in...
  20. S

    what do you do in Alanya from November to April

    I usually come out to Alanya from May through June and end of August through September. A couple of years ago I came out in mid November and every thing was so quiet. I'm in Payallar Konakli. The buses weren't running like the usual every few minutes and my friend and I had such a long wait in...
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