1. W

    Military Approval could be lifted (voices)

    HOPE is rising that military approval of every land sale to foreigners could be lifted by the end of the year. As the new property law kicked in with greater freedom for foreigners to buy in Turkey, news was emerging that Turkey is preparing to lift a procedure that requires the approval of the...
  2. G

    Military Approval - House or Person?

    Does anyone know whether military permission is granted to the individual buyer, to the property, to the complex, or to the general area? My reason for asking is that when I was househunting in Turkey I was told that if a property already had a foreign owner I wouldn't need military permission...
  3. Pygmallion

    Title Deeds are now ready for approval

    Title Deeds are now ready for approval Voices Newspaper Sunday, October 9, 2005 The Didim Chamber of Commerce held its monthly meeting last Friday. Some interesting issues, that are directly pertinent to the foreign residents here, were addressed by Mr Hilmi ErbaƟ, the...
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