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    Yesilstepe, any info appreciated.

    hi, Steve from Rochdale here, I retire in 2 years and am looking to retire to Turkey. We intend renting for 12months to try out any location before buying. We have been to various resorts on holiday and are now considering either Fethiye, Yesilstepe or Kudadasi as a suitable base. We really...
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    Turkish Resident Permit cancelled - help much appreciated :)

    Hello Not sure if this is the right place to post this question but here goes... me and my friend were chatting before and she was telling me that she got in bother last season with the police in marm, i wont go into it much, but to cut a long story short her RP was cancelled and she had to go...
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    Hi Everyone!! Advice very much appreciated.

    Hi Everyone. Mike and Karen here from a not so sunny Leeds. After much window shopping we are finally looking at buying a holiday home/permanent residence in Kusadasi. After visiting the likes of Marmaris, Altinkum and the surrounding areas, on the advice of friends who are moving permanently...
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    buying property in Kemer, advice appreciated

    Hi, we are considering buying a property in Kemer and would welcome any advice or thoughts on the matter. We understand that a new ski resort in Seki is opening next year which isn't too far from Kemer. Our main worry is that it is quite far out from the 'action' - with 3 children in their...
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