1. yalimart

    Home Brew Cider

    A couple of recipes I have plagiarised of others in a group I am in. These deal with the fruit ciders, they are essentially Turbo Ciders which simply means you pour your apple juice (55p per litre at Aldi) into your fermenting bin along with the yeast and a little yeast nutrient if you have...
  2. C

    Apple store

    Is there anywhere nearby to buy a macbook charger? Thanks in advance :)
  3. Jaycey

    Happy Apple Festival everybody!

    Today we celebrate the Savior of the Apple Feast Day. This holiday is marked annually on August 19. It can be also called Apple Spas, Second Spas, Great Spas, and Holiday of First Fruit. People believe that on this day all apples become healing. Also, all wishes made during the eating of the...
  4. 1

    Easyjet flights and Apple Mac

    Hope someone can help me! I was trying to book my flights last night using my Mac. All was going well until I tried to select my dates. A new pane opened on right hand side, but I could not see my cursor to navigate up/down Any advice on why this may be? I also had the same problem with...
  5. IbrahimAbi

    Apple's Wozniak will not attend Expo in Istanbul

    Apple co-founder Wozniak will not attend Istanbul Municipality event - SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, has canceled his attendance at Istanbul Municipality’s World Cities Expo event, the expo stated on May 15. “Steve Wozniak, one of the main speakers of the Word...
  6. bickern

    Apple virus lets hackers take control of your device

    Apple virus lets hackers take control of your device and its CAMERA, here's how to stop it A TERRIFYING new computer virus that allows hackers to take control of your Apple MacBook has been discovered in the wild. Here's everything you need to know. Apple computer owners have ben warned about...
  7. bickern

    Hakintosh - Install Apple OS X on PC

    Those that know me know that I run Window, Linux, Android and OS X (sad to some I know but I do have my reasons) on this PC. For those that fancy having an Apple OSX system running on their PC here is the guide for all flavours. Hackintosh Instructions, Hackintosh How To Guides...
  8. A89

    Apple Ipod battery change

    Does anyone know anywhere in Alanya that can change an ipod battery? I have the battery, I just need it changed, The Apple store on Yayla Cad are pretty useless it appears and are just playing a being an Apple store. alison
  9. juco

    I got a new apple watch for less than $500

    Yip, less than $500...
  10. HelenSnowball

    Apple MacBook Pro

    Hi Everyone After a bit of techy advice please. My boss has just bought me an MacBook Pro, and although I am used to ipad and iphone, I normally use Windows for work, laptop PC etc. So, how do I get stuff off the Dock? There are some things that it will let me shift, others are stuck there...
  11. bickern

    North Korea rips off Apple's Mac OS X

    North Korea may is one of the world’s most oppressive and backward-looking regimes, but when it comes to computing it seems the so-called ‘hermit state’ is making a token effort to keep up with the times. Screenshots have recently surfaced of the country’s national operating system, Red Star OS...
  12. L

    Apple Facetime

    Anybody had any experience of using apple facetime from Turkey back to the UK, my son is currently in Marmaris and tried to use it through wifi and for some reason it does not work. Any suggestions please..
  13. S

    Apple FaceTime

    On another thread I am exploring Skype video calls however an other option I wanna find out about is Apple FaceTime. I have an ipad so for video calling I was also considering getting an iPhone and using FaceTime What I would like to know from those who have used FaceTime from an iPhone is...
  14. J

    Apple iphpone 5 vs Samsung galaxy s3

  15. Fuzzy

    APPLE back up ?

    If something should happen to go wrong with my Apple Mac Book. Is there a service agent in the Bodrum area ? Thank You Has nobody got Apple in the Yalkavak area ??
  16. J

    Re: Apple tv attachment

    Re: Apple tv attachment Hi Does anybody know anything about the Apple TV attachment, what do they do, would they be much use to me travelling to Turkey with my Ipad 2 and one of these for watching TV Thanks in advance Jim
  17. newhorizon

    Discounts off APPLE TODAY ONLY!

    Well ipad2 or not was the queston..which seems to be decided for op. starter. Just thought I'd mention Friday 25 November 2011 is being called Black Friday by many retailers. TODAY Only many retailers are offering discounts including Apple, ipad2 starts at £368 (buy via Quidco Quidco - The...
  18. R

    Apple Mac Mini

    My son gave me his Apple mini i don't know what my husband has done but i cant get it out of power saving mode can anyone help me with this a simple way thanks Roz xx:20:
  19. Tommie

    Drunk Swedish elk found in apple tree ................

    I thought it was only us crazy humans who go drunk!!! This elk aparently had a nasty hangover...
  20. Yogi

    Apple Planning To Ban iPhone Videos At Concerts

    Youtube will go out of business if this happens! ---------- Recording your favourite band at a concert or festival could soon be a thing of the past, if Apple gets its way. Patent plans filed by the corporation in late 2009 have come to light, showing plans to automatically shut off iPhone...
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