1. Yildez Datca

    Warm winter clothing appeal.

    Some members may remember the project to knit warm winter hats for Syrian refugee children in the Diyarbakir camp. It has been ongoing for 2 winters now, and the Datca ladies are still knitting. However, the organisation I've been working with is no longer running transports, just too dangerous...
  2. S

    UK govt court appeal re court decision

    Trying to get my head around what is exactly at stake in next months appeal. Be good if some of the members with more insight on this can keep us right. Is this correct- if the govt wins their appeal they do not need Parliamentary approval to commence Brexit, but if they lose they do? Also as...
  3. B

    Ramsay Loses Appeal.

    BBC News - Gordon Ramsay loses court battle over London pub Has somebody been "cooking the books"? Bill.
  4. B

    Murder appeal thrown out.

    BBC News - Lee Rigby murder: Killers lose legal challenges How these two scumbags could hope to win an appeal is beyond me. Bill.
  5. mollag

    A Yalides appeal

  6. shazeroo

    Desperate Appeal for Shelter Volunteers

    Hi everyone in the Bodrum area. I have just been looking at the Turgutreis Animal Shelter page on Facebook and am very upset to see so many miserable dogs who now rarely get out of their cages as so many of the regular volunteers (me included) have moved away from the area. They are down to a...
  7. RedBloodedHound

    Poppy Appeal

    Donate - The Royal British Legion.
  8. shazeroo

    Urgent Appeal for Volunteers

    When we lived in Turkey for 6 years we used to volunteer at the Turgutreis council run dog shelter. Since we left, several more of the key volunteers have also moved, so they are down to 3 regular volunteers now - which means the majority of the dogs are never taken out and spend every day...
  9. bickern

    British grandmother loses death penalty appeal in Bali drugs case

    The Peru two should count themselves lucky. I do not support the death penalty for various reasons but I find it hard to feel sympathy for this woman. -------------------------------------------------------------- A British grandmother has lost her final appeal against a drug trafficking death...
  10. B

    SAS Sniper wins his appeal.

    BBC News - SAS gun appeal: Danny Nightingale conviction overturned I reckon this is good news for Danny Nightingale and the Army in general. I just hope that he is acquitted at any re-trial. Bill.
  11. J

    nice modern 3 bed semi £42k didim I can see the appeal for some folk!

    seein as were on the topic of buying in turkey I think I can understand how some folk can be impressed by some of the places for sale. I dont know anything about this property but its advertised for sale on rightmove and when you look at the price just £42k for a 3 bed semi detached villa with...
  12. T

    Blue Cap Appeal

    Does anyone know, about the "blue water cap for wheelchair charity" appeal, and can give me some information about it please. Many Thanks
  13. S

    Qatada wins appeal

    Radical Islam cleric Abu Qatada wins appeal against deportation - Yahoo! News UK
  14. B

    Abu Qatada loses appeal.

    BBC News - Abu Qatada European Court appeal rejected Let's hope this means we can get this scum-bag out of our country as soon as possible. Bill.
  15. ZiaCa'

    Pet Shot Dead - Appeal for witnesses

    Here's the sad story of a dog being victim of a drive by shooting. Witnesses sought to catch the pair responsible. Fethiye | Drive-By Shooting Kills Pet Dog The information of possession firearms might also clarify any questions relating to hunting laws (including mine not so long...
  16. A

    table top sale Marmaris in aid of van earth quake appeal.

    Tomorrow Saturday 8th December we are having a table at the Jacaranda bar near the Tah Mahal restaurant. Ex pat mike from this forum has very kindly donated his whole stock of hand made kabak lights for us to sell. They make fantastic presents t light holders, hanging lamps, and bedside lamps...
  17. scotssteve

    Assange appeal lost today

    BBC News - Wikileaks' Julian Assange loses extradition appeal Could he be going home and possibly to jail? Or is this revenge for all the documents leaked? What do you think?
  18. RedBloodedHound

    The Poppy Appeal

    For those that need and deserve our help; You can help our heroes live life to the full - give to the Poppy Appeal today - The Poppy Appeal :ukflag:
  19. N

    British Red Cross Turkey Earthquake Appeal

    Don't know if this has been posted anywhere else on the forum but this is the link for any donations for this much needed cause :- Turkey Earthquake Appeal | British Red Cross
  20. M

    Van Earthquake appeal

    I have just been informed that the Belediye are sending trucks to Van to help the earthquake victims , so if anyone out there has anything to donate, Blankets, clothes, tents, etc please take to Zabita office in Yalikavak. Also my neighbours are driving out there to take stuff so if anyone...
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