1. L

    Biden apologies to Turkey

    Watch the following footage of the Turkish Prime Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, talking about the crisis in Syria.... (***It isn't the first large video, scroll down and it is the top video of the three small ones.) Prime Minister: Turkey could OK troops in Syria - CNN.com
  2. perfect1949

    ok i apologies

    getting silly as usual , but i do take um-bridge being called a lier , not called for , so i apologies unreservedly . but i think i deserver an apology myself from over the road . dave
  3. K

    fridge/freezer wanted -apologies for dull thread

    unutterably dull, i'm sorry. but if anyone is going up in the world and wants shot of a f/f for an occasionally used turkish villa please name your price. i will be in dalyan from 5 may for 2 weeks....an annual visitor for years and remember the pre-road days....
  4. CrescentHomes

    Apologies from Crescent Homes!

    We are having some problems with our emails at the moment. Anyone who has emailed and awaiting a reply, normal service will resume as soon as possible. I have not forgotten anyone!. :kiss:
  5. bickern

    Apologies to bobthenob

    I apologise for what seemed to be an hijack of your thread which is probably the reason it was closed. I for one welcome a lot of your comments even though I don't always agree with them as people do not always agree with mine. It is of course a personal issue if you decide to leave, but...
  6. I

    Apologies for late "hello"

    Having seen so many new members introduce themselves it has only highlighted my complete lack of manners for not doing so when we joined the forum a month or so ago. So rather belatedly here goes ….. My name is Ian and my wife is Heather. We live in Foulridge ( much nicer than it sounds)...
  7. R


    I must apologise but due to some unforseen personal problems we have had to postpone the sausage tasting evening we had planned for next Friday at Jokers. I have spoken to Greg and we will be re-arranging the date for as soon as possible. Roddi
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