1. L

    Apollon Holiday Village

    I received this from a well wisher any advice on the contents of this letter would be appreciated. Hi Lambchop Regarding our recent conversation When talking with the couple who have started legal proceedings they estimated that the total cost was less than £800 which is a small price to pay...
  2. H

    Harabe cafe (apollon)

    Hello everyone my name is Alev and I am new to forum it is such helpfull site. Thank you
  3. J

    lovely 2 Bedroom Apartment ,Apollon Holiday Village

    Hi . We have a lovely 2 bedroom ground floor apartment on the Apollon Holiday Village to rent. Sleeps 6 People.aircon in all rooms. Please take a look at Holiday Lettings » Holiday Rentals, Villas, Apartments, Cottages. REF 70595. Thankyou Julie
  4. M

    Blackpool v Altinkum & Apollon Holiday Village

    Thankyou to everyone who posted a view on my previous post about Altinkum being compared to Blackpool. There were quite some comments there! Phew! lol!!! Anyway im really gratefull for the advice, and i have found it really helpful in deciding what our next move should be when buying a...
  5. J

    apollon holiday village

    Hi my name's Jim I spent a 2 week holiday in Altinkum last year and was really impressed with the town,my wife and I would like to buy an apartment at the Apollon Holiday Village, we went there last year for a look around and spoke to different people some of which were owners, we were under the...
  6. B

    Apartment D8 apollon for SALE

    Hello all, my name in Ben and I own an apartment in Apollon block D8. I'm thinking very heavily of selling and I would definitely sell for the right price. You can view my apartment on my website. It won't let me post it here but if you google hiddenescapes then you will find it or just add www...
  7. T

    Apollon village Altinkum

    I was just wondering why there is no sub-forum about Apollon village ? Or if I am wrong and have'nt found it then could someone show me where it is please?
  8. B

    Apollon Village

    Has anyone stayed at the Apollon Village before,we have heard that it is very nice place,has anyone eaten in the onsite restaurant,had some good vibes about it. karen :walkman:
  9. Ian

    Sunday Dinners Olio's Apollon Restaurant,

    Hi All. Carola at Olio's is now doing a traditional sunday dinner set in her beautiful restaurant, choice of meats, lamb, beef, chicken, and to finish off a choice of dessert. free glass of house wine or local beer included in the price of 25 lira, to reserve please phone reservations on...
  10. Ian

    Olio Apollon Temple Retaurant

    Carola from Olio's has now moved location to Apollon Temple, she is now doing breakfast, lunch and of course her excellent dinner's, she has a traditional type bar stocked with most european drinks, the restaurant can now cater for large groups and is suitable for all your special occasions, her...
  11. B

    Apollon Village Apartments

    Hello All, Does anyone have any information about the Apollon Village Apartments like whats close by, bars,places to eat,beaches,supermarkets etc. Any info on the location would also be helpful. Thanks
  12. peter the postie

    Apollon restaurant.. for the record.

    Before our visit to Altinkum Kym (Ms who) very kindly arranged for us to be picked up for a visit to Apollon restaurant. It was only our first full day in resort, and I wanted to treat Denise to a nice anniversary meal. Kym arranged for us to be picked up outside Little Britain at 9pm, so I...
  13. A

    Apollon Restaurant scary story

    Hi everybody, I am posting this under Annas newid because I have forgotton mine!!!.A bit of a rant really..so I apologise for the long post. As most of you may know already, Anna and I were recently married at the Apollo Temple and had our reception at the Apollon restaurant. When we first...
  14. K


    Hi all,we have friends going out to Didim on wed tgo see a new build does anyone know off them? apollon holiday village,the developer is wise moves homes they have an office in farington,leyland....there last develoment was diamond villas......any help would be good...cheers for now.
  15. Ms Who

    Apollon Cafe Bar & Restaurant

    Hopped off the dolmus on a whim last night at the temple and went into the Appollon Cafe Bar. Its not one of the big restaurants opposite the temple but just past the little curtain shop and bakers, to the right. Wasnt starving so just had some picky food, a mixture of jalapeno pepper thingys...
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