1. B

    Long term rental aparts or villas required - Didim&Altinkum

    Hello everybody, I am looking for min. 2/3 bed aparts and 3/4 bed duplex or villas for rent with reasonable rent price. Properties must be fully furnished (white goods, tv, enough bed sheets&covers,etc) Properties needed from november to May. If you have a property for rent (long term) in...
  2. G

    business and aparts for sale

    hi, just updating my original post as I now have some pictures of my nursery and the external building. please pm me if you are interested. thanks gerrie
  3. G

    business and aparts in didim for swap in uk

    Well Oliver gave me the idea - i am trying to sell my successful business and 2 aparts, but I would also consider a swap to the uk. pm me if anyone is interested. gerrie
  4. immac

    Aparts: New Law

    From SABAH Newspaper: "The house of the troublemaker neighbor to be sold The national assembly has accepted the flat ownership law: "the apartment of the one who does not pay the apartment fees will be put to sale by his neighbors." For amendment in the common space, the votes of four out of...
  5. B

    aparts altinkum

    can enybody tell me why names for house,s have changed i allways thought a vill was a building on its own but estate agents now call big aparts vill.s to me if some one was telling me they had a villa i would imagine it to be on its own with gardens not with some one else joined on the side of...
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