1. E

    new law that carries big fines from offices to apartments with concierge,

    A new law that is being sneaked in that carries fines for business owners to apartment caretakers . latest regulation in the Occupational Health ad Safety Law as of july 1 2020. I only put it on because will big complex fall under this...
  2. Housemartins

    North cyprus, bahceli - apartments for sale

    An owner on the site where I used to live is selling their apartments. Asking price £59,950 each, title deeds in owners name, so no VAT to pay. Good rental income and some bookings already in place for 2019. I will post pictures when I get them. Please help spread the word. Thanks Martin
  3. A

    New Apartments

    Does anyone have any news and views about the building works going on around botanic Gardens area?
  4. K

    Liability Insurance for Apartments

    Dear All, I own an apartment in Kalkan.The apartment is one of four in a single building with a shared pool. Three of the owners are from the UK, the fourth is Turkish. Two of the three UK owners insure buildings and contents locally in Turkey whilst my apartment is insured with Intasure but...
  5. K

    Are dogs allowed in apartments.

    Can anybody tell me if dogs are allowed in apartments or is their a blanket ban.. We have Staffordshire bull terrier who is a very quiet dog and does not bark at all. What are our chances of him being allowed to stay in our apartment in the winter months?
  6. Helenm150

    Hürpa apartments Gündoğan

    Can anyone kindly advise location - within walking distance of town centre/or on dolmus route ...... :blowkiss:
  7. Housemartins

    KALKAN - 2 apartments for sale

    Hi everyone I'm posting this for my friends who are not members of TLF. They own 2 one bedroom apartments on the Patara Prince Resort in Kalkan. The have the title deeds, there are no debts, they have owned the apartments for the past 10 years, they have been modernised and both are very...
  8. S

    Emerald apartments

    Hello I wondered if there is anyone who has been involved in trying to purchase an apartment on the Emerald Complex off the Marina road. There has been no progress with the development for several years and I am sure people have invested.
  9. S

    Ozlum apartments Marmaris

    A friend from uk is trying to book here for next year May to June but is having trouble finding any contact details can anyone help please? Either email address or Tel number many thanks
  10. Jaycey

    Dubai apartments for sale – too good to miss!

    . ……………. Skyscraper with Rotating Floors ... a modern marvel of architectural design. Skyscraper With Rotating Floors
  11. B

    2 Apartments wanted to rent for period Jul-Aug-Sep

    If anyone has 2 two bedroom apartments (preferably on the same complex) available for rental from 8 July to end of September, please PM me the details, and the costs........I know it's a tall order.....a very late booking!
  12. YabanciGirl

    Website for finding rental apartments in North Cyprus?

    Hi, :roundgrin Do you know any good Websites where I can find apartments for rent in TRNC? Maybe short term, then long term accomdation, Furnished :) Thanks! *I'm so excited to leave Ankara!* :clap2:
  13. D

    site's for renting apartments

    Hi Do any of you know of a any web sites that rent apartments out long term all year round from owners not emlaks!! Any information would be helpful Thanks
  14. D

    Road to Sunset Apartments - Gulluk

    Hi has anybody got an update on the road situation up to the Sunset apartments ie has it got any worse or any better? We are planning a trip and just wondered Many thanks Dave
  15. T

    Still trying to find self catering apartments

    :132lm: Thanks to Sally Ann for going to the Raga and getting their email address. Have sent 2 emails to the Raga with regards to booking with them but am still waiting on a response. I have holidayed in Side many times but this year very few places seem to be available. Those that are too far...
  16. T

    Raga Apartments

    Can anyone tell me how I contact the Raga apartments direct. Have tried to email them but they are not responding. Are they available for booking this year? have tried Tripadvisor but no look. What other self catering apartments are there (on or near the beach) not too far away from side...
  17. D

    Going rate for apartments

    Could anyone give me a rough idea what the going rent should be for a fully furnished 1 bed brand new apartment in Central Alanya. Thank you to all that replies
  18. juco

    What happened to these apartments Akbuk

    Not sure of the name of this sitesi but on the main road near the supermarket at the beginning of Akbuk. Whats happened with these apartments as the top floor looks like it has been bricked up, would that be part of an apartment or a complete apartment.
  19. Bibby

    Seeking Someone at Seashell Apartments

    Is there anyone here who knows people in the Seashell Apartments,Ataturk Mah? I have been asked to find someone.
  20. G

    Garden Upkeep of Apartments

    Are there any rules or regulations regarding upkeep of a garden. If some owners disagree with the committee and want them out next year so that they can allow the garden to become a jungle and allow climbers up the side of buildings, will these owners fall foul of the law?
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