1. immac

    Middle-Class Brexit Anxiety Disorder

    From Politico: An appraisal of why the middle-class are getting so bent out of shape by Brexit. They are starting to suffer from a real anxiety disorder - mental health stuff - they are becoming crazed by their inability to change the inevitable, and how their sense of superiority is screwing...
  2. A89

    Anxiety & stress

    I know this is completely unconnected to Turkey but for anyone who suffers from anxıety and/or stress Ive just watched a brilliant program. I've had an anxıety disorder myself for many years and have a lot of knowledge and tools for dealing with it but found this program amazingly helpful and...
  3. S

    Anxiety cures in alternative medicine?

    I suffer from very bad anxiety......what cures are there in alternative medicine for anxiety?
  4. B

    Anxiety Attack

    Well folks was carted off to hospital ay 11pm last night with what I thought was a heart attack . It turns out it was an anxiety attack ,could have fooled me . Chest pains and couldnt breathe, very frightening . They are putting it down to stress ,blood pressure still very high . Have had a lot...
  5. B

    Anxiety... know what I mean?

    I didn't think I worried about a lot of things in life until... When we signed our contract for our home last October, we arrived back to the UK with a mixture of excitement and the thought "what had we done?" Then we read about the Turkish Property law being on hold. That's when the anxiety...
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