1. H


    Our friends who have a ground floor apartment in Akbuk have a huge infestation of ants. Any solutions please as to how to get rid of them ? Thanks.
  2. S

    Bloody Ants

    Plagued with these buggers more than ever this year. Any tips for getting rid and also an increased population of earwigs
  3. H

    The Ants have arrived

    The ants have arrived with a vengeance. Any new remedies out there this year?????????


    Has anyone got any suggestions on what i can put around my front door to stop the ants getting in :laser:, but it must not be harmful to my little OLLIE {the dog}. Jeannie :62yd:
  5. B

    Problems Wth Ants.

    Anyone had problems dealing with Ants in their Turkish Holiday Home? Last July, in a rush, we made a mistake of leaving a bowl of sugar in a cupboard instead of salt. On our return in October we found the cupboard full of Ants. We cleaned, sprayed and they kept on returning. Anyone else had...
  6. B


    Any of you garden experts know how to deter ants from eating the young shoots on my mandarin trees? In the past I have tried waxing/greasing the trunk but it soon "bakes hard" in the sun and they just continue up the trunk to the new shoots.
  7. Harem

    Horoscopes for Ants

    Just inadvertantly (well, almost) sucked an ant up the vacuum cleaner pipe. It got me to wondering, if ants had horoscopes, what this one's would have read today? Might it have been: "You are going on a whirlwind journey - make sure your travel insurance is up to date".
  8. Susan


    Can anyone please tell me what I can use to keep the ants from running off with my seeds. The seeds these little ants like best are Lettuce Spring Onions Flower seeds. Radishes they do not seem to like very much. I have to grow my seeds in little tubs otherwise none of them come up. Susan
  9. B


    need a solution to get rid of ants bloody things are all over the garden . been buying raid but runs expensive after a while also there back the nxt day .Bloody things cant put my tea down i have never seen as many .Remember i live in turkey altinkum so might not get everything that you can in...
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