1. Jaycey

    Kaspersky launches its free antivirus software worldwide

    Kaspersky launches its free antivirus software worldwide Mmmm, free? Does that mean that we must remove all other spyware/malware programs and then be faced with update costs from Kaspersky later? Or will...
  2. Yalides

    Antivirus trials

    Plenty of free trials out there for trying out the near pro version of most programmes. If you can put up with the occassional pop up its well worth looking at. I have just finished 30 days AVG and have just loaded Kaspersky. Enough trials out there to last best part of a year.
  3. Helenm150

    Webroot Antivirus enough?

    Can Webroot Antivirus do the job of both Avast Antivirus and Malwarebytes - it seems to scan for for both viruses and malware? On my netbook Avast takes up a wapping 207MB and Malwarebytes a substanial 46.13MB and Webroot Antivirus only 0.73MB! :moony:
  4. abba

    HTC Sensation antivirus apps.

    I have recently acquired an HTC Sensation and wonder what antivirus apps other members in Turkey may have for protection?


    My Kaspersky anti-virus thing runs out tomorrow , do you think i should carry on with it at £32 a go or is there an alternative. Please keep it simple, just like me. Thanks in advance, Jeannie
  6. ted j

    Fake antivirus downloads

    While helping my brother pick a decent (free) antivirus, I thought, I wonder how many fake ones there are out there, you know, "quick, download this, you're infected with 500 viruses and it's only $49.99 and will kill them all" (amazing how many are in dollars). Anyway, here's a page with a list...
  7. ted j

    AVG antivirus

    Have always used the free version of AVG and had no probs. Downloaded the 2011 version and over-installed it as I usually do and for 4 days , everything fine, just don't try their "free pc tuneup". I thought it would be ok coming from them, but , it's a trigger (checked it out with my techie...

    Help Again Please - Antivirus

    Well i'm here again!!!!!! My Norton thing has run out , can anyone tell me if there is a free or less expensive alternative to this security thing. Ta, Jeannie
  9. Andy

    Free Antivirus Program

    Avast Antivirus Home Edition - This is a free antivirus program that i consider to be the best at protecting your PC. Also comes with an On-Access Scanner built in to search your system for viruses etc. whilst you are browsing. Highly Recommended!
  10. Helenbodrum

    Anti-virus, spam, pop-up thingy???

    Hi All, can anybody help me - the Norton anti-virus package that came with my laptop is due to expire soon, and it says I have to buy a new one, which seems really expensive. Is this right? Does anybody know of any free versions I can get? Thanks v much Helen
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