1. I


    Hi Why is it almost impossible to get antiques shipped out of turkey? Is there anyway that it could be possible? Thanks Immel
  2. arrian

    antiques roadshow

    why can't i find a hidden gem??..... The WWI 'copy' that's worth £250,000 - Telegraph
  3. zuberdust

    So. What do you collect? Antiques etc...

    over the years im sure some of you have come to probably have a large collection of things which you like or mean something to you. I have a love of antique and things from the past! What i have been collecting slowly are antique oil lamps which i purchase in medium to bad condition at a good...
  4. Karyn UK

    Shopping for Antiques

    Has anyone got any advice for hunting out antiques around the Izmir/Kusadasi area. Are there many antique shops around? Does Turkey have reclamation yards for architectural antiques like we do here? Thanks Karyn
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