1. pembelu

    Turkish hand made ' antique ' furniture for sale

    SELLING ON BEHALF OF FRIENDS and listing as they want (price and info) these items i know by uk standards are not antiques as not over 100yrs old but in turkey they are called antique this info is in turkish but can translate later when i get more info/ pics pls contact me for owners tel...
  2. Yalides

    Faux antique blanket box

    Blanket box from the old Yalikavak antique shop now sadly knocked down. Sensible offers accepted up to midday friday. Undisclosed reserve. Best offer secures.
  3. G

    Antique Excavations - Gumusluk

    A couple of Foto's of the excavation at Gumusluk. These were taken where the road from the beach/Dolmus Station, at the junction, where one turns hard back left, up the hill to go towards Gumsan/Yalikavak. Gordie
  4. A

    Antique shops in Altinkum?

    is there any antique shops in altinkum or didim
  5. D

    antique sewing machine on sale

    Hı to everyone I am a new member of this site,living in Didim I am selling my grandmother's old old old antique sewing machine.It is app.65 years old.If anyone interests pls send me PM.:)
  6. Yalides

    Old antique shop in Yalikavak

    Anyone not been here for a while see whats missing ?
  7. E

    Violin Concert at Side Antique Amphitheater

    Tonight at 21.30 hrs there will be a concert at the Side Amphitheatre by violinist Jozsef Lendvay playing Tjaikowsky's violin concerto on his centuries' old Stradivarius violin. Entrance to the concert is free. A chance to enjoy some beautiful music in an even more beautiful setting under the...
  8. zuberdust

    antique pocket watches

    yeh i thot this would be a good place to ask this question since the members r a bit older and maybe have used pocket watches?..... i recently purchased an antique 1882 pocket watch sterling silver... it looks good but in read sumthing bout 'jewel's? how do i find the number of them contained in...
  9. V


    Does someone know where we could find antique in Istanbul? We are looking for old beds, mirrors, etc. They don't have to be restorated, we like to do that ourselves. We want to buy old stuff for our restored olive oil factory in Turkey.
  10. paddington bear

    Hotel in Antique Side

    Can anyone help please. I am wanting to book a hotel in Antique Side or even in Side itself for a couple of nights in July. I don't want an All Inclusive but just a nice small Turkish style hotel. I have tried to contact Lale Park Hotel but cannot get them to reply. Does anyone please know...
  11. L

    antique furniture

    does anyone know if you can get furniture valued in the bodrum area or does anyone know about furniture???? :kafa: have got a couple of chairs that look old but not sure if theres anywhere i could find out if they are worth anything
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