1. C

    alternative national anthem

    Now that we are in the 21st century, i think it may be about time to update the national anthem. the old anthem is slow, has been hijacked by other countries and you cant dance to it. i propose THE OKAY DOKAY just imagine the faces of jonny foreigner as they see the brits up cheering and...
  2. juco

    Euro national anthem

    I was listening to Beethoven earlier and realised that this is what they have as the European National Anthem...... Ode To Joy! I wonder how many think that now?
  3. R

    English national anthem.

    [England, Scotland and Wales all have their own national flags, but why no national athem for England After all the English are about 80 percent of the population..B][/B]There are so many English patriotic songs, land of hope and glory, always be an England, Rose of England, Jerusalem etc. and...
  4. shirleyanntr

    Turkish National Anthem

    At one time we lived next to a big school in Alanya and i would often hear the children singing the fact they sing it when they assembled on a Monday befroe school opened and again on a Friday afternoon before the weekend. it gives the children a sense of national pride and...
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