1. I

    Answerphone not working

    I live on the fourth floor of a block of flats in a very old building. Although I can press the buzzer and open the door, the bell is not working so if someone rings me at the front door I cannot hear them. My first floor neighbour has the same problem so it is a connected electrical fault. My...
  2. M

    Random text messages or answerphone messages

    Whats the funniest text or answerphone message that you've received? I once got a message on my answerphone from an older sounding woman and she said " Hi it's only me ,I spoke to dad today,he's ok,he's in an open prison now but he's a bit peed off coz he cant wear his own clothes":hehe: Meah
  3. plymouthspur

    Help wanted - re: answerphone!

    It's great that we are all up and running with our phone line and internet access but I have a query that is really bugging me........ We have two answerphone messages on our home line here and haven't got a clue how to access them!!! Does anyone know the equivalent of our 1471 and 1571...
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