1. Freedom 49

    All Your Residency Questions Answered.

    We've just had a call from the Turkish Foreign Office asking us to put the word around that they will be running a meeting on Thursday 17th. October regarding residency for foreigners. Open invitation to all but especially non-Turks. They will have English and German translators attending and...
  2. S

    The REAL questions we need answered

    Des losing interest (possibly the will to live) in a allegedly hot topic brought home to me there's actual questions sod all to do with politics, religion, Turkey etc which we do need answering So I thought I would start such a thread. It's in the back room as anything goes on this one I will...
  3. lara

    Important questions that need to be answered

    Why do insects always find a corner to go and die in, it seems they never just pop their clogs out in the open. Why is it that a huge super market like Tansas never has change. Why when someone says that they got a really good bargain from a certain shop, when I go there are no bargains to...
  4. justsatellite

    satellite tv questions answered by just sat

    hello everyone again, for those who have questions about satellite tv in turkey please leave your question and i will answer them as soon as possible. gary
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