1. S

    Annual General Meeting: Legal Challenge?

    We have just had our AGM and the following decisions were taken: 1. That the third party site management provider can write their own contract/specification in consultation with the HOA. Can this be legally challenged? 2. We tendered for a new Clubhouse provider (essentially a cafe and bar)...
  2. T

    Davos - The WEF's Annual Meeting

    So who is really pulling our strings..... Davos, not just a ski playground for the rich & powerful, they are the World's Business Partners - Recruitment Agency for our future Leaders........ "Davos 2015: Who's speaking where and when" Davos 2015: Who's speaking where and when - Telegraph...
  3. Jaycey

    Annual Stella Awards

    It's time again for the annual 'Stella Awards'! :animation For those unfamiliar with these awards, they are named after 81-year-old Stella Liebeck who spilled hot coffee on herself and successfully sued the McDonald's in New Mexico , where she purchased coffee. You remember, she took the lid...
  4. C

    annual rental in icmeler

    I am looking for an apartment or house/duplex in Icmeler on a years lease 2/3 beds 2 bath or 1 bath & separate toilet facilities kitchen,with washing machine, or room for 1. lounge & outdoor space, with balcony or terrace & pool. If there is anybody out there who knows of any rentals in the...
  5. P

    Hermias Annual Fees

    If there are any owners/residents of the Hermias apartments on the forum who have knowledge of annual management fees, Accounts, AGM etc your thoughts would be most welcome. We are very close to purchasing an apartment but no one seems able (or willing!) to tell us about annual fees, is there...
  6. K

    Annual Maintenance

    Just had our annual meeting to review costs for 2012/13 and set charges for 2013/14. We are paying 2040 tl per annum for site fees which at todays exchange rate works out at just over £700. 33 apartments, 1 pool, 1 caretaker - 8 until 6ish during summer months - no on site caretaker/security...
  7. F

    Annual eco-clear up of Dalyan volunteers invited

    Hi - on Tuesday June 11th the local primary school will be sending out 200 volunteer kids as part of world environment week to sweep the Dalyan streets of litter. İt would be great if İ could have volunteers to help with 3 things 1. Coming out to clear litter (need you from 9am to 12 and then...
  8. G

    List of Annual events locally Antalya to Gazipasha?

    Hi All, Have been trying to put a list together of all the main different things that happen in the year, obviously dates will change annually but they ususally stay in the same month. Unable to find a good link for this, is there one? eg, Jazz Festival Sand sculpture Opera in...
  9. abba

    Bodrum Annual Reception

    I received a text message yesterday informing of the Mayor of Bodrum Reception to be held Wednesday December 26 at the Hadigari Night Club from 1800 to 2200.
  10. M

    Annual complex meetings.

    Morning all. As this will be my first owners meeting, I have no idea what should or should not happen, nor what the procedures are. Would anybody happen to have a list/info on the rules/regulations that apply to the annual complex meeting? If so, I would be grateful for copy of this. failing...
  11. J

    Annual Tax Quadbikes

    Has anybody an update on this situation? are quads to be taxed as 'cars' or '4x4' ? or as bike/scooter? is there any information available on line from Turkish Tax Office? Grateful for any info.
  12. Helenm150

    Over 75 years annual travel insurance

    I am looking for an annual travel insurance policy for my mother for repeat holidays in Turkey- has anyone arranged anything similar and have any recommendations? Thanks, Helen
  13. carolk

    Annual General Meetings and myths.

    Lately I have been asked a lot of questions about AGM's. People seem to be under the impression that the AGM can only be held in Turkey, not true!!. An AGM can be held any where in the world where the majority can come together.If you already have AGM's on your complex that you can never...
  14. C

    Dalaman Annual Festival

    Hi Does anyone know whether Dalaman will be hosting it's 3-4 day celebratory festival this August as per last year? This festival was traditionally previously held in May but due to lack of funds and a change of Belediye, moved to August last year. As it didn't happen this May (to my...
  15. scotssteve

    Annual fees - who sets increases them?

    Looking through the hundreds of apartments for sale in Altinkum/Abkuk/Didim, I am amazed by the huge range of fees charged yearly. It begs the question, who sets these and how much do they increase yearly? A couple of people yesterday warned me to be clear how much they would be for the...
  16. P

    How much is the annual property tax in Altinkum?

    Can anyone tell me what the annual property tax rate is for an apartment in Altinkum? I've just been browsing the FAQ's at a well known agency's website that states the property tax as 'You will then pay property tax annually, which is 5% of the purchase price'. For some reason I thought the...
  17. A

    Annual Maintenance Contract

    Hi. We're just in the process of taking delivery of our apartment. The charges vary on our complex depending on size. i.e. 2 bed / 3 bed / semi-det villa. £600 - £900 pa. We have to go with a Mgmnt Co (sister co. of the builder) for the 1st year and then we could change, as there are a lot...
  18. Karyn UK

    Annual Running costs

    I was just going through my bills and trying to compare my UK house and my Turkish house. It’s a tough thing to do because the houses are quite different but here are the Turkish costs. House is 3 bedroomed, three bathroomed 200m2 house with a pool. Costs are for a year and are converted to...
  19. shirleyanntr

    annual festivals in turkey

    here are some of the major festivals around Turkey this year these are taken from British Airways site..and there are links for all the events on the site of course there are many other events such as the cherry festival which has already been posted Mesir Paste Festival Mar 2007 (annual)...
  20. E

    Annual Property Tax

    Hi All, I hope someone can help me answer this one?? I understood (can't remember where I read this, but it was some time ago) that if you bought a new property (off plan) you were exempt from paying annual property tax for 3 years. However, I've now been told that this is not the case and...
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