1. S

    Irish PM annoys Farage

    Taoiseach Leo Varadkar supporting Belgium against England in World Cup - The Irish News
  2. Martyn

    Whose face annoys you?

    There are a couple for me, I suppose it's because you don't like them but two who make me either switch over/off the tv or turn a newspaper page. They are Heather Mills and Gillian McKeith(maybe because she reminds me of Paul McCartney and therefore Heather Mills). Who are yours?
  3. G

    What annoys you about this forum ... come on , be honest !!!

    Okay, I will start things off. 1) I hate reference's to Altinkum as 'Tinky' ... Is this just me? 2) Threads that go off the intended subject and that never return back to original subject matter. 3) Discussing subjects in the wrong forum. 4) broken links Don't be shy ... What does annoy you!!
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