1. juco

    Annoying BBC pop-up for breaking news

    Does anyone else get annoyed by that pop-up for breaking news on the BBC website , as you navigate around the website it pops up time and time again. This is how to get rid of it (I use adblock) 1st method...... On Windows this file is in Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ and on Linux / OS X it's...
  2. S

    Annoying ttnet

    Help please. I keep getting interrupted by the following page supposedly from TTNET. TTNET Does anyone know whether this is genuine or whether it is spam. If genuine can anyone tell me what it is and how to get rid of it - every time I try to access Turkish sites the above TTNET url pops up.
  3. Philogic

    Annoying Mexican? cartoon thing.

    Why do you have that stupid cartoon thing when you've not signed in. I can only be bothered to sign in when I want to post, not when I want a quick brouse through!
  4. S

    Annoying mail

    I am 51 in a few weeks so old git but not totally decrepit However this past few months I am getting more and more geezer mail Today was the last straw- 5 letters in total. 2 for hearing aids, one for death policies, one for Green funerals and one for chairlifts Do others get such ageist...
  5. ted j

    possibly the most annoying song

    This, believe it or not, is a huge viral hit Be warned, it is a REALLY annoying song Baby Monkey (Going Backwards On A Pig) - Parry Gripp - YouTube
  6. Yalides

    Annoying speech habits

    Don`t you just find it annoying when people punctuate their speech with numerous, you knows, like, um, etc Perhaps one of the most annoying habits a person can have is to laugh after each and every sentence you know like..
  7. T


    Just had to get this off my chest!!!! I like to watch A Place in the Sun BUT it really irks me that the vast majority of those couples featured are tyre kickers AND DONT BUY ANY OF THE PROPERTIES THEYRE SHOWN!!!!!! This crap they come out with- Oh we will have to go home and check our...
  8. F

    Annoying message !

    Can anyone help ? i want to stop this annoying blip message tha comes up everytime i click on a topic or look at my emails ect its from Adobe systems inc . an add on to flash player ! I removed all the adobe flash player stuff ages ago as i dont use it but i cant stop this dam message popping up...
  9. icebern09

    Annoying or What!!

    Does anyone else find it impossible to read the "Voices" Newspaper on line due to the very irritating flashing adverts. Drives me mad and spoils my enjoyment of the paper :crying:
  10. tamus

    Annoying Finlay

    Would someone get rid of him quickly please
  11. arrian


    going on from the boring thread, (or off!) i find it so annoying when i see something amusing from a member and can't think of something witty in return!! then later on i do, only to find someone else has already posted what i thought of!!! :eek:
  12. ceemac

    Annoying Fellow Passengers

    What do we do that most annoys our fellow aircraft passengers? According to recent surveys, these are the most annoying things for us as airline passengers; 1 A child kicking your seat 2 A screaming child 3 People who talk non-stop 4 People with bad breath/BO 5 Passengers being rude/aggressive...
  13. A

    Annoying Phrases

    The Daily Telegraph has been running a campaign and people have been mailing in the words or phrases that annoy them and it has opened the flood gates. Especially this new corporate UP talk? My pet hate is when people keep saying "you know" every few seconds. Well, if you think I know why are...
  14. P

    Annoying sayings or cliches

    What saying or cliche annoys you,the one being over exposed at the moment,in my opinion,which a lot of dim wits have obviously just heard and think it's cool to use is, MULTI-TASKING, why? why? why? How could I miss "sick as a parrot"
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