1. djmagic

    water announcements

    is there a web site that tell you when the watr is going to be cut of in your area??? we have one for the electricity and its very good... thanks in advance for your comments ..
  2. juco

    Airport announcements

    Not quite poetry but mauras post reminded of this older one at the airport. YouTube - Heathrow hilarious announcements
  3. maggie

    Public Announcements.

    Is any one else in agreement with me on this one.???When the Belediye etc make public announcments they could also do them in English.!! I mean in towns where there are a large Ex Pat community.Try as I might with my Turkish I can never quite understand what they are saying.You know when they...
  4. ceemac

    Funny wedding announcements

    I've put this in the back room as there's a few rude ones amongst these. Have any of you ladies ended up with unfortunately funny married or double-barrelled names? Like this lot? C
  5. madturkishcow


    Hi All :lol: Thought we could do with somewhere to stick our 'Good news', 'Bad News' 'Moans' a bit like the 'Hatched','Matched' and 'Dispatched' in your local newspaper. :lol: I had some great news from home so thought I would share it all with you. My wonderful Brother who was made redundant...
  6. Mushtaq

    Announcements about the forum

    There have been some problems with the server at the ISP; consequently the forum has not been available a lot of time during the past few days [V] Apologies for the inconvenience, I have been assured by the ISP that they are going to fix the problems over the weekend, so hopefully things will...
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