1. D

    75th Anniversary V.E. Day.

  2. Camden

    45th Cyprus anniversary

    It all started with "Ayşe tatile çıksın " the password code for the operation to land Turkish Troops on Cyprus was decided after Bülent Ecevit, had called for an extraordinary meeting of the Turkish Grand National Assembly to allow him to start what the Turks called the Cyprus Peace...
  3. Camden

    Anniversary of Mevlana Jalaluddin al-Rumi’s Dec. 7-17

    Turkey’s central province Konya hold the Anniversary to mark the 745th death anniversary of Mevlana Jalaluddin al-Rumi a 13th century Sufi mystic, poet and Islamic scholar. Rumi is fondly remembered by his followers in Turkey as Mevlana which means scholar. He was a Sufi poet and philosopher...
  4. bal canavar

    9/11 15th anniversary commemoration

    R.I.P. Official 9/11 Memorial Museum Tribute In Time-Lapse 2004-2014 - YouTube
  5. B

    Wedding Anniversary.

    June and myself are celebrating our Wedding Anniversary today, so we will be going out for a celebratory meal tonight. Bill.
  6. B

    Wedding Anniversary meal.

    June and I are celebrating our Wedding Anniversary today, so tonight we will be going for a special meal, and a few drinks. Bill.
  7. B

    Bergen-Belsen. Anniversary of the Liberation

    Bergen-Belsen liberation: Tank driver John Darby recalls opening gates - BBC News This must have been one hell of a shock for this soldier and his colleagues. Bill.
  8. Akasya

    100th Anniversary of the Battle of Gallipoli / Çanakkale

    Tomorrow is the 100th anniversary of March 13th 1913 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Gallipoli / Çanakkale A sad remembrance for all those who paid the ultimate price , their families and friends their sad loss. Mans inhumanity to man. Steve.
  9. J

    Selma 50th anniversary

    Whatever he has/ has not done try and view Obama's speech today.
  10. abba

    Presidents 50th Anniversary Cycle Tour of Turkey

    Congratulations to Adam Yates, winner of the Tour and to all the category winners, stage winners and other participants. Bit of a disappointment to watch the awards ceremony only to find that the President was unable to find the time to present the trophy for this 50th Tour.
  11. kemerkid

    Third anniversary.

    Amid all the political excitement I almost forgot that today is the third anniversary of my joining TLF. Life’s never been the same since.
  12. B

    Dambusters 70th Anniversary.

    BBC News - Dambusters Derwent flypast on 70th anniversary of raid Great Anniversary for these brave men of Bomber Command, unfortunately there aren't many of them left now to celebrate it. Bill.
  13. B

    Dambusters Anniversary.

    It will be the 70th anniversary on the 16/17th of May when those brave and skilful men of the RAF carried out that morale boosting raid on the dams in Germany, I think they deserve to be remembered. Bill.
  14. giglets

    Anniversary of PC David Rathband's Death

    It is exactly one year ago today that PC David Rathband, who was shot in the face and blinded by that piece of human filth Raoul Moat, hanged himself. Terrible waste of a life, because of the Uniform he wore. RIP. PC David Rathband's twin brother pays tribute on anniversary of his death...
  15. perfect1949

    10th anniversary at mustis

    today is the 10th anniversary of mustis stake house in yalikavak , they are having a knees up if anybody is interested it starts at 7 30 tonight :474cu:. dave
  16. perfect1949

    happy happy anniversary yalimart and mummy duck

    have great day you two . And thanks for the BQ last might .Dave
  17. Firebrand

    16 March: 24th Anniversary of Halabja chemical attack

    More than 5,000 people, mostly Kurds, were killed after Iraqi planes under the leadership of Ali Hassan al-Majid, Saddam’s cousin, dropped chemical bombs on Halabja and its suburbs on March 16, 1988 as part of a genocidal campaign against the Kurds and other ethnic groups in Northern Iraq, known...
  18. kemerkid

    Zebruga 25th anniversary.

    Zeebrugge 25th anniversary. Today marks the 25th anniversary of another ferry disaster, the Herald of Free Enterprise capsized resulting in almost 200 deaths and many injuries. Sadly this was another sea disaster caused by human error. God rest their souls.
  19. Firebrand

    Anniversary of the Struma tragedy

    LOCAL - Turkey 'owes' apology for deaths of Holocaust escapees Came across this article today re the deaths of 764 people in the Black Sea escaping from the holocaust.
  20. E

    9/11 ten year anniversary.

    Never never forget. And God Bless America. Wishing you a good and thoughtful day John le Neve and your fellow Americans:)
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