1. B

    Anne Frank's diaries.

    BBC News - Anne Frank's Diary vandalised in Japan libraries What sort of idiotic individual or organisation would attempt to destroy any books like this. I am quite sure that the majority of Japanese people don't support this kind of behaviour...
  2. skydog

    Hi I'm Anne

    Hi Im anne and Im just new in this forum. There, I've done it for you Anne seeing as you seem to be lost. :28:
  3. arrian

    Princess Anne at 60

    i have always admired the Princess Royal, very hardworking, and does so much for charities without all the fuss and publicity of so many In praise of the Princess Royal: Anne at 60 - Telegraph
  4. Bibby

    Mesir Macunu - One for Shirley Anne?

    Bought Mesir Macunu. It was not what I expected. Thought it'd be like firm peanut butter, or Turron Almendra (in Spain). Well it was certainly different and left me wondering if it had a specific purpose. It reminded me of the taste of cough candy. So, is it eaten as a throat soother when...
  5. Andy

    Message From WIURU (Anne)

    Anne & Marty want everyone to know that they are having a great time in Turkey and are both well. They've met Mushtaq and Kim (Mrs Who) and can't speak highly enough about them. Anne's been using the internet cafe to keep in touch but can't wait to get a computer of her own.
  6. Andy

    Wiuru (Anne) Moving to Turkey

    Anne sent me this PM a week or 2 ago. Hi Andy, just thought i would pop on one last time to let you know we will be going off air for a while. House move is tomorrow so computer will be diconnected for a while till we get reconnected in new apartment. We intend to be in Turkey by the 7th May...
  7. C

    Carol and Anne from Dublin say Hello to all in Akbuk

    Hi to all in Akbuk. My sister and I have both just bought in Yasmin gardens in Akbuk. We are returning in May to finish off bits and pieces. Found the Akbuk forum very interesting. We would love to hear from anyone in Yasmin gardens. Returning in July for longer stay with family ( teenagers...
  8. B


    Hello everyone I joined quite a while ago but did not introduce myself - so sorry for my rudeness. I live in Blackpool and will be coming to Altinkum on 1st April. Hope to buy a property and settle there. My interests are animal welfare and reading. Do not have my own computer and am not...
  9. S

    Carol Anne

    Welcome to the forum Carol, hope to hear from you soon Paul:D
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