1. L

    Robert & Ann Parker

    If any one knows these people, their Residency Permits are in Gundogan Post Office waiting for collection. If not collected they will go to Bodrum PTT then all the way to Mugla. I was chasing up the where abouts of friends RP's that applied more than 6 weeks ago and these were the only ones for...
  2. K

    Trying to find Norman Hawes and Tracy Ann Foster

    :114mf:Hello I have important information regarding Tracy and Norman's court case in Marmaris. If you know them please have them contact me ASAP. They are from Chesterfield, Derbyshire--bought land in Datca. Thank-you!
  3. gerald

    Ann Robinski?

    Almost 100 Russian tourists have received medical assistance after suspected food poisoning in the Turkish resort city of Alanya, officials said on Wednesday. Russia's tourist watchdog said 98 tourists had been poisoned and that eight remained in hospital, more.....
  4. Harem

    Theresa Ann Wilson

    Does anybody have any information on what happened to Teresa (Terry) Wilson please? No hearsay or gossip, please but hard facts. If anybody is in touch with Bob, could you ask him to get in touch with me either on here or on facebook. Many thanks.
  5. mollag

    November Joke Thread

    On Tesco's Tannoy: 'Cleanup on aisle 5, we have a husband down.' A husband and wife are shopping in their local Tesco. The husband picks up a case of Stella and puts it in their trolley. 'What do you think you're doing?' asks the wife. 'They're reduced only £5 for 24 cans he...
  6. ZiaCa'

    Happy Birthday Ann (Matty)!

    Hope you have a fab day! :52::52::52::52:
  7. A

    Another lurker here - Ann

    Hi Mustaq....finally got logged on but thanx for your e-mail. Hi everybody else. My husband, Graham, and myself, are returning to the UK next Tuesday and from there are travelling to Turkey to buy our retirement home. I must admit I have been 'lurking' on this forum for some time now, naughty...
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