1. Camden

    Love of Animals

    I couldn't find a thread to post this on, so started this one that could be used for various reasons animal related ...if need be
  2. bickern

    Millions of US farm animals to be culled by suffocation

    Millions of US farm animals to be culled by suffocation, drowning and shooting Closure of meat plants due to coronavirus means ‘depopulation’ of hens and pigs with methods experts say are inhumane, despite unprecedented demand at food banks. More than 10 million hens are estimated to have been...
  3. tomc1984

    Yalikavak Street Animals sales.

    Yalikavak street animals will be at their new depot to the left of the belediye building, just up from Sok from about 10a.m on Saturdays, for their second hand sales, if anyone wants to come along and pick up a bargain. Also goods, bric-a-brac, good quality clothing etc.always needed if any...
  4. Freedom 49

    If only animals could speak to us.

    One of our Street-cats was named 'Handsome Boy' by my daughter Sally when he turned up as a youngster at our office a couple of years ago. He became a regular morning and evening visitor for food and when he was a few months older, I took him to be sterilised. He's lovely. About 3 weeks ago he...
  5. Neil_Denizli

    Good with Kids and Animals? Extra Pair of Hands Needed

    My work takes me overseas from time to time for 2 - 3 weeks and we have a three-month-old in our lives. All is OK now but the mother-in-law will be away for an extended period from September. Can anyone recommmend someone who might be interested in some well-paid short-term work helping my wife...
  6. Yalides

    Talking animals Very funny.
  7. bal canavar

    Help given to animals

    More than 700 animals that were left disabled by accidents are now able to walk, and even run, thanks to a company in Eskişehir. The board chairman of the company, Niyazi Çapa, said they have been producing prostheses, orthotics, orthopedics and walkers for paralyzed humans since 1976. “I...
  8. P

    Think of the animals during ramazan

    I do not often post as you will know but I am asking people to remember the street animals during this celebration time as the weather is very warm in parts of Turkey. If you can feed and water any you see wondering about it will be so good. Thank you for reading.
  9. bal canavar

    Animals fight back

    This bull decided enough is enough after being taunted an decided to gore 3 matadors one seriously . Its barbaric and should be banned, or do it Portugeuse style where the bull is not killed or hurt
  10. D

    New Website for Dalyan Animals

    Hi Everyone Just a heads up to say that there is a new website for Dalyan Animals. dalyananimals org- Helping the street animals of Dalyan. Remember to put a dot before org. Please take a look and let me know what you think. Phil
  11. Freedom 49

    Street animals at Christmas

    Let's hope it stays dry for them too!! :468bo:
  12. D

    Dalyan street animals

    Short term foster homes are urgently needed for the new DOHAKDER neuter and release programme here in Dalyan. The dogs and cats taken in for neutering need a secure, quiet place to convalesce after their operations. For cats this may only be a few days, for dogs maybe 1 -2 weeks. DOHAKDER do...
  13. D

    street animals

    I have been told there will be stalls on the square in turgutries tomorrow. They will hoping to sell a few things in aid of the street animal's to help them through the winter months. If you have any small items you could donate, or just pop along to support "fatma" in her work for these...
  14. S

    animals -vs- litter

    This is likely to be a bit controversial. There are probably an equal number of threads on here expressing concerns about litter and concerns about street animals going hungry. In my town there are overturned trash barrels every morning, with trash, restaurant remains, etc. strewn all over-...
  15. M

    Fundraiser for Turgutreis Street Animals

    There will be a cake and bake sale on Saturday 5th May at Mona Lisa Restaurant, Turgutreis, from 11am. Lots of delicious homemade cakes and savoury pastries will be available. All proceeds will go to Turgutreis Street Animal Fund.
  16. maggie

    Akbuk free Rabies injections for animals .

    If you have a dog or cat take it to the beledye today from ten am and you will get it vacinated against rabies free of charge. Please make use of this service .ITS FREE.!!!!!!!(Akbuk) Hugs Maggie xxx
  17. arrian

    69 Animals in family home!!

    this couple have been charged with animal cruelty, why have they not been charged with cruelty to their children? there was a baby in a cot with bird droppings!! what was the rest of the house like, and their other children?!! Pair kept 69 animals in family home - Yahoo! News UK
  18. Squeaky

    People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - PETA

    Good afternoon: I know there are many members on this forum for whom animal welfare comes high on their list of priorities. I have often seen reports of people representing an animal welfare group known as PETA attacking women wearing fur coats and anything else they considered against their...
  19. O

    Book sale to benefit the animals

    BIG BOOKSALE The Yalikavak Animal Welfare Group is organising a huge sale of German, Dutch, French, English and Turkish books at *3 lira only. Also clothing, jewelry and household items will be for sale Very tasty home made specialities are offered as well as homemade animal treats. All the...
  20. J

    Super smart animals

    On BBC last night and on iplayer now. Worth watching. The chimp was amazing, remembering a 60ms display of 9 random numbers in random positions on a touch screen then having to blank them in the correct order to get a treat. A feat impossible for humans. The Orang-Utans and Jay's amazing...
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