1. Harem

    White Angora Cat

    It is with the greatest reluctance that I write this, but, I have a pure white Angora female cat with one blue eye and one green eye that I need to rehome. She is 20 months old, speyed. I love her to bits, but two of my (neutered) boys (one is her brother) continually jump on her and won't...
  2. D

    Angora Cats

    Does anyone know where i can get a Angora cat, live in the Fethiye area
  3. immac

    Angora Cats

    I am interested in getting a Turkish Angora cat. Any information on availability, pedigree certification, price would be useful. I know the Turkish Govt has a breeding programme to protect the breed, but I am not aware of how you check the lineage. Ian
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