1. S

    Where is Angela Side

    Haven't seen any posts from Angela in Side. Anyone know why. She always had interesting information. Hope she's ok.
  2. Martian106

    Thanks Angela

    Hi I'm back home after my lightening visit to my house in Kizilot. Thanks Angela for the introductions will certainly hook up next time we over if you are around, we may get over in July, Ill be out before then I hope.
  3. Sha Hoorsur

    Angela Merkel

    I see Angela Merkel has had posh Dave’s pants down and administered a good spanking. That’s put an end to all his anti-European nonsense. :nono:
  4. Jack Scott

    Ask Angela

    Hi. I just wanted to do a quick plug for someone who has helped us enormously since we moved to Bodrum. Her name is Angela and she's the kind of person we ring when we need a little help over here. For example, she's helped us get our residence permits, found us a place to rent, put us in...
  5. A

    Hi from Colin & Angela

    We are from Larne in Northern Ireland and we visited turkey for the first time in October this year. We loved it so much we purchased an apartment in Olive Gardens, Akbuk. Just wanted to say hello to everyone in the forum, we hope we can meet up with some of the members in July when our place...
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