1. yalimart

    Drug smuggler or Angel of mercy ?

    In my view she has been pretty stupid but with well meant intentions, the Tramadol were not hers, a friend got them for her, that alone needs investigating. We just need Boris to put a "word" in for her now. I feel she should have been deported by now, no more...
  2. arrian

    An Angel For Everyone

    for anyone suffering, or with any other problems, hope you like this .
  3. ceemac

    'Angel of Goodness' Slain

    The Turkish press are calling her the angel of goodness. Arzu Erbas, a Turkish businesswoman living in Amsterdam, was stabbed to death near the creche she owned on Monday night. She helped the poor in Turkey with the money she earned in Holland, and has received awards and an audience with...
  4. niyaz

    Who's an angel

    Cast the first stone :hearnoevi
  5. david & emma

    Rescued By An Angel

    Not quite sure if this is the correct place to write this comment or not, but i feel that i must at least thank the people involved. On our recent visit to Altinkum to stay in our new apartment we encountered a problem with having no water due to the amount of people there. Having two kids with...
  6. Angel

    Introduce myself from Angel

    Re: Introduce myself Hi to everyone! I too am a new member... forgive me but i have already made a few posts without introducing myself. My apologies. My name is Ann... i'm 31 and my Partners name is Ekrem - Yep, he's Turkish! I've been travelling to Altinkum for 4 years and already know...
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