So mandy was actually andy !

    So Barry Manilow has come out .:crying:..bit like Gerry Adams admitting he was in the RA!
  2. Billy Joe

    Well done Andy.

    Had Tiny Tim won Wimbledon once we would never have heard the end of it but he didn't but you won it twice and 3 or 4 hours later still nothing on here about it.Well done Andy,you are now officially British had you lost today that would have been a different matter.
  3. Billy Joe

    Well done Andy.

    Who said the Jocks won't be in France,well HE certainly is and in another slam final,better than Rooneys mob could hope for when they start.Never mind I'm sure they will all be shouting on Andy the British tennis player.
  4. Firefox

    Randy Andy

    It looks like the Brit royal Family have delivered Old Foxy 3 early new year Presents. What does F+F want for Christmas?? X3 Royal Scandals!! 1) Prince Andrew 'lobbied the US government to go easy on Jeffrey Epstein' | Daily Mail Online 2)...
  5. S

    Andy Murray

    Seems Gabbys not a fan!!!!! For god sake Giglets dont read this!!!! BBC Sport presenter Gabby Logan slams Andy Murray | Tramlines - Yahoo Eurosport UK
  6. Andywebb

    Happy Birthday Andy

    Where ever you may be I hope you have a good day today.
  7. R

    Andy Murray

    Well done Andy,a good victory in America
  8. may

    Andy Murray

    So sorry Andy's just lost, he said he would be back next year.
  9. P

    Come on Andy.

    Well done for getting to another Semi final,come on Andy,you can do it.
  10. Yalides

    Andy Williams

    I hear he has died aged 84. RIP.
  11. abba

    Andy Murray wins US Open

    Congratulations to Andy on winning the title. A magnificent match and well played by both competitors.
  12. yalimart

    andy murray

    Will Andy Murray be British tonight or Scottish ? I hope he will still be British and although not really a tennis fan I will more than likely watch it if my TV doesnt float away first. Martin
  13. P

    Andy Coulson arrested.

    BBC News - Andy Coulson held in Tommy Sheridan trial perjury inquiry What an absolutely disgusting waste of public funds,to send seven officers to London to detain Andy Coulson.This in my opinion was done with such high profile and staffing to cause maximum embarrassment to the Conservative...
  14. C

    Trying to get ahold of Andy

    Didn´t know where to put this thread .. I´m trying to get ahold of Andy, regarding an apartment of his. Seems to have fallen of the earth, hasen´t been on here for a long time and tried e-mailing him but it just bounces. Also haven´t been on his facebook for a year. If anybody know how to get...
  15. RedBloodedHound

    Happy Birthday Andy

    Many Happy Returns Andy Big Birthday!:52:
  16. immac

    Andy McNab books

    If there are any e-book fans who like Andy McNab books, this Russian site has most of them. You will see the links in Russian with a ".engl" ending. Click on the link and then you will go to the book in English. You will have to do a huge copy and paste as the books are in plain text, not...
  17. pineapple1

    HaPpY Birthday ANDY !!!

    Wishing you a Very happy Birthday Andy ......................Enjoy your Day ..........Diane YouTube - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ! - FUNNY - THE BEATLES
  18. RedBloodedHound

    Thanks Andy and Mushtaq.

    Just to say thanks for keeping it all going single handed. We can all see what you have to put up with. Büyük başarı. Robin. :clap2:
  19. S

    Andy and Nesli nr Dikilli

    Hi all, I am new to the site stumbled upon it completely by accident this evening, cutting to the chase my name is Andy 32yrs 10 years ago met a Turkish girl and we are now married with 2 kid's settled in the UK. We bought a property a few years ago 2hrs North of IZMIR very close to Dikilli...
  20. A

    Andy & Sue

    Hi, We have just bought an apartment at Beverly Hills 1 in Dalaman, and would love to get in touch with other owners or whoever fancies a chat and give any advice that would help us. Ta!
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