1. immac

    Prince Andrew

    Of all the royals, he is one I would least like to meet; a snob and a bully to underlings, there is not much about him to like. But! The allegations that are all over the news at the moment are making me compare it to the other scandal that Britain is still dealing with - The man known as Nick...
  2. juco

    Prince Andrew named in US lawsuit

    Quote..."A woman who claims that an American investment banker loaned her to rich and powerful friends as an underage “sex slave” has alleged in a US court document that she was repeatedly forced to have sexual relations with Prince Andrew........................" Prince Andrew named in US...
  3. bickern

    Andrew Mango, Atatürk biographer dies

    I imagine a few members have a copy of the Atatürk biography he wrote, I really enjoyed reading it. RIP Andrew. Atatürk biographer Andrew Mango dies - BOOKS
  4. Neil_Denizli

    Andrew Jones?

    Does anyone know this person? I am hoping he is a forum member and someone can give me his number. I was helping him with his VPN set up and had to disable his network adapter - completely forgetting that I would get booted off as well. He now seems to be not receiving my mails, so if you know...
  5. giglets

    St Andrew's Day

    Happy St Andrew's Day to all my fellow Scots. Great excuse for a good Malt. Slange Var!
  6. arrian

    Andrew Mitchell Resigns

    now, i may seem a bit thick here, but what i cannot understand is the fact that there was such a fuss about him calling a police officer a 'pleb' and that is why he has resigned, and yet a previous story (sorry, can't find a link) reported that he had given some dictator around £16 million...
  7. donss

    Looking for Jill & Andrew Leake, Gazipaşa

    Hi: Not sure if anyone can help, but I'm looking for Jill & Andrew Leake of Deniz Yolu, Gazipaşa..... We're coming over to our place in Ilica next week, and taking a couple of friends of ours, who intend visiting Jill & Andrew Leake when we are there: Any one know exactly where they are...
  8. N

    Andrew and Mary

    There was alight in your apartment last night, is that OK. Nigel and Mary
  9. L

    Happy birthday Andrew

    Happy birthday Andrew have a great day
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