1. T

    Bank account amount required for Residency Permit

    Hi there.. I'm living in Alanya and want to apply for a residency permit.. does anyone know how much money is required to have in a Turkish bank account? And is it different based on your nationality? Thanks so much for any info! :255ji:
  2. S

    Cash amount required re visa

    I know this is somewhere on the forum but I am old , cold and lazy so could someone please tell me-what is the financial requirement that needs shown for Visa-ie how much per year. Thanking you.
  3. McDHibs

    Least amount online

    We had a thread a while ago talking about the most amount of people online at one time. So thought it would be funny to see who could post the first proof of being the only one online. Best I have seen is me and two others. Game on.
  4. B

    Whats' the legal amount of cigarettes and spirits

    Does anyone know how many (legally!!) cigarettes and spirits you are allowed to bring into Turkey? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. D

    Do we pay the full amount if asked?

    Hi everyone - another question for you. As previously stated we are going out to Kalkan on October 31st. We booked this flight quite a while ago, thinking we would be completing on our apartment. The agent has received clearance from the land registry ready to transfer the title deed into our...
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