1. H

    Zoning Amnesty

    I keep reading about the "Zoning Amnesty" on Facebook but can't seem to find any information, is it anything to do with the Iskan amnesty? Many thanks in advance for any info
  2. H

    Iskan amnesty missed deadline

    Hi all I have just returned from Gumusluk and only found out about the Iskan amnesty on Thursday last week so had no time to get it in place, I have asked many many people and scoured the internet but can find nothing stating the penalty for a late application, I managed to get a mapping...
  3. martin s

    Building amnesty question

    We have been going through the process with the intention of getting a basement apartment changed from a Depo to a Mesken. Originally the plans were for a penthouse on top of our block, but even though this was never built the bottom floor tapu says depo. Having forked out for a POA to get...
  4. Kalkan regular

    iskan amnesty

    Hi I asked this question on an area forum but intedned to ask it here. I've had some good replies on the other forum but would be interested in the views of others. Our Tapu has our apartment as a depot. Has anyone had this changed under the iskan amnesty, if so how did you go about it and...
  5. Kalkan regular

    iskan amnesty

    Our Tapu has our apartment as a depot. Has anyone had this changed under the iskan amnesty, if so how did you go about it and what did it cost? Someone has 'offered' to sort this out for a fee of £300.
  6. teosgirl

    Amnesty for criminals

    The tragicomedy of Turkish politics continues, with the blatant lie told only days ago - Turkish Justice Minister denies amnesty plans - POLITICS To 5 days later.... Turkey to release 38,000 from jail; frees space for coup plotters - LOCAL Two years or less....what kind of crime do you...
  7. M

    Illegal Buildings Amnesty Law

    Does anyone know if there is an amnesty available in Turkey for buildings put up without the correct planning permission before 2004? I have been told that this amnesty exists, but it's quite a difficult thing to search for on Google. The word 'amnesty' brings up hundreds of human-rights...
  8. E

    Amnesty and visa application

    I’ve overstayed my visa and recently found out there is an amnesty for foreigners going on right now that allows people who have overstayed their visa to leave and only be banned for 3 months. I know that if you overstay your visa and want to return to Turkey you have to apply for a visa through...
  9. bickern

    Hint of amnesty

    “We will witness a new Turkey where those in the mountains come down, the prisons empty, and the 76 million [citizens of Turkey] become one,” Erdoğan said, in a veiled reference to a general amnesty demanded by many Kurdish groups, including the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP). “In Diyarbakır...
  10. G

    Support Amnesty in helping the women in egypt

    Demand Egypt?s political leaders condemn sexual violence | Amnesty International
  11. C

    Tax Amnesty even on Electricity and water interest

    "In a press conference, the ministers detailed the restructuring of tax and debt as it relates to nearly 300 specific items. The restructuring will not change the debt conditions of traffic fines and levies on smoking in public places, contrary to some media reports, however interest on such...
  12. E

    HAS ANYONE HEARD about Amnesty to be granted for finished builds

    Has anyone heard (what could just be a rumour) that an amnesty is to be granted (apparently by January of 2008) whereby existing builds can be granted habitation certificates??? Apparently, this is as a consequence to the scandal last year with dodgy building permissions being granted and now...
  13. R


    Would it be possible to grant an amnesty to some of our banned members who commited more minor breach of the forum rules ?I dont mean the conmen or the ones who have abused other members repeatedly. Looking through old posts we have lost some of the most helpfull and knowledgeable...
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