1. IbrahimAbi

    American journalist dead

    In Istanbul, (Russian-American investigative journalist) it looks suspiciously like another poisoning to some folk.
  2. E

    American plane been bought down.

    American plane has been brought down by the Taliban.
  3. Tenpin

    American Isis suspect stuck on border ‘not our problem’, says Erdoğan An alleged American member of Islamic State, stranded for a second day on the border between Greece and Turkey after Turkey expelled him, is “not our problem”, the Turkish...
  4. J

    American huntress proud to shoot Scottish Goats A bit taken aback that this is actually allowed.
  5. C

    American death penalty

    Arkansas is in the news again over its death penalty. Last April, Governor Asa Hutchinson gave the go ahead for 8 people on death row to be killed by lethal injection. Why 8 people all in one month? well the opponents of the death penalty claim it was partly due to the expiry date of the...
  6. kemerkid

    American Independence Day.

    Happy 240th Birthday America.
  7. immac

    American Black Friday Shopping

    I do a lot of on-line shopping using US stores, esp Amazon US. Sometimes they will not ship out of USA, so I then use to buy and ship. have sent a reminder of upcoming shopping events, which I hope you will find useful: "Mark your calendars! Find the biggest discounts of the...
  8. mollag

    american cobblers

    Honestly, professional sailors with less skills than an amateur day dingy sailor, no charts, compass, gps or satnav, in a potential war zone? Ehm either they think we are gullible or they are not fit to be at sea. And these guys have live ammunition :der...
  9. N

    American College Soke

    Hi, I would like to know if anyone has children that attend the American College in Soke and your views please. I have a 13 and 8 year old English speaking children.
  10. bickern

    British Versus American Terminology

    The UK and the US have a wonderful relationship – we have lots in common with our transatlantic neighbours but contrary to what many people think, language might not be one of them. We recently opened new offices in America and everything was going swimmingly, until we suddenly realised that...
  11. niyaz

    American natives

    I am going to say something which will go onto deaf ears. Up to 100 million American natives were murdered, butchered, raped , stepped on and the list goes on and on and yet no one talks about it or a memorial for them. Perhaps one day.
  12. R

    Need interior sold or american shutters...anyone help or recommend carpenter. Bodrum.

    Hi all, I want to install internal shutters, solid or America louvre style (open shirt type). Can anyone recommend where/who etc. Also a god carpenter needed. Thanks
  13. M

    American YouTuber living in Turkey :)

    Hello everyone! My name is Matthew LeBleu, I am a 23 year old American that has been living in the country Turkey for about three years now. I am a full time student in Turkey, and I am currently pursuing a bachelors in English Language Education. I thought it would be an amazing idea to start...
  14. mollag

    American spitfire pilot.

    Im glad I was led to this short film, its heartwarming, I heartily recommend that you watch it whatever your views on war, you cant help but love it.
  15. B

    American fugitives in Cuba.

    The politics of American fugitives in Cuba - Features - Al Jazeera English Will these fugitives return to the USA? After all these years I very much doubt it. Bill.
  16. newhorizon

    Why are American brands so successful? Marketing alone?

    Leading on from the recent Black Friday thread I was wondering just how is it that most successful brands are american? They may be others that are equally if not better but aren't so successful. America is the world leader in terms of marketing... In terms of fast food franchises all over the...
  17. T

    Spurs unveil new American coach.
  18. beyazbayan

    American woman murdered İstanbul

    Turkey police arrest homeless man over US tourist murder. Turkey police arrest homeless man over US tourist murder
  19. beyazbayan

    American woman goes missing istanbul

    Have been reading up on this it appears on Yahoo the British papers and Turkish Television. Very strange story young woman married with two small children who has not travelled outside US before came on holiday and vanished on her last day. Stated she left her passport in her hotel room and...
  20. Yalides

    American Idol

    Wife is sat watching this one year old out of date s***e on Digiturk. And I get ridiculed by her for watching that great true to life series the Jeremy Kyle show which is about real people.
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