1. K

    Amazing natural phenomena

    Is there room or interest for a thread / posts on extraordinary natural happenings? Try this for a start. An explanation for ghosts seen outside, perhaps?
  2. bickern

    Amazing what 30 years has done to Turkish resorts

    Watch the video. BBC Archive in Turkey this week from what the BBC published in 1988 In this section, holiday places such as Bodrum, Marmaris, Altinkum, Icmeler and Kuşadası in Aegean are introduced for British tourists. There are also various holiday information from lunch to dinner. We...
  3. Jaycey

    Amazing new cell phone!

    Do our geeky friends think this is worth buying at $649??
  4. mollag

    Yalides's amazing facts

  5. bickern

    Life and nature is so amazing

    Truly amazing, in fact life and nature is so amazing. Click These Pictures To See A Transformation | Nature - BabaMail Both butterflies and moths have four stages of life – they go from the initial egg to a caterpillar, then to a cocoon and finally to a butterfly or moth. We often think that...
  6. L

    Yalikavak villa to rent with amazing view

    Villa to rent Our duplex villa's highlight is the unrivalled panoramic sea views in Yalikavak. It accommodates up to 4-6 guests and has a open plan living area, with both a private balcony and a large private roof terrace. The location is peaceful and hard to beat, with a superb infinity...
  7. bickern

    Salsa Shakes! Amazing dancing kids!

    I got tired just watching these two, in fact I am that shattered ı'm off for a lie down.
  8. K

    Amazing Devotion

    This man's devotion is simply awesome. Media boss: I can sacrifice my father, mother, wife and children for Erdo?an
  9. S

    Amazing Talent

    Incredible ability at such a young age. I was convinced it was a photo Amazing
  10. S

    Amazing voice

    What a singer. Superb. BBC News - Singing priest's Hallelujah wows wedding guests
  11. martin m

    Amazing 9yr old girl

    Hi I don't watch any of the BGT or the voice type programmes, but I came across this and I just thought wow, enjoy martin
  12. bickern

    Amazing how bonds are formed that last a lifetime.

    Gorilla reunites with man that saved him Gorilla reunites with man that saved him - YouTube - YouTube A couple of c&p that says it all. That is a beautiful story. It is so hard when we make friends with animals then we have to break that up for any number of reasons. You could see the...
  13. Jaycey

    An amazing cabaret act!

    Leosvel and Diosmani - 'The Mast' - The Worlds Greatest Cabaret
  14. K

    Our amazing world.

    Just wanted to share this incredible video of our planet. - click on the link below. hope you enjoy it. Video: 'Heavenly waltz' of Earth and moon captured by passing Juno spacecraft - Telegraph
  15. Yalides

    Amazing drumming.
  16. juco

    What an amazing rescue.....

    If you get bored move to 5.40 Cook is found alive while 11 of his mates drowned. Harrison Okene- Rescued from the sunken vessel Jascon 4 off Nigeria. Saturation divers preformed the task on the 28th May 2013 SA Divers on Body Retrieval Mission 3 Days After Jascon 4 Sank - SA...
  17. shirleyanntr

    the amazing scotsman

    A salesman drove into a small town where a circus was in progress. A sign read: 'Don't miss Bruce The Amazing Scotsman'. The salesman bought a ticket and sat down. There, on centre stage, was a table with three walnuts on it. Standing next to it was an old Scotsman. Suddenly the old man lifted...
  18. Sleekit

    Amazing Love Story

    Most people think the Great White is the most feared predetor in the sea. These pic's show this one ain't.
  19. S

    Amazing semis

    Both Scottish Cup semis- especially the Hibbees yday- were amazing entertainment. Hat off to Super Hibs to come back from 3-0 down in a semi final. Have massive soft spot for Hibs as my late Bruv adored them so will be strange watching them V my beloved Celts next month
  20. Yalides

    Amazing horsepower usage...

    100 Year Old Compton Oak Move Successful in League City - YouTube Caterpillar moving a 100+ year old 518,000 pound Oak TREE ! ! ! This is nothing but cool!!!
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