1. M

    Gyms -Altinkum

    Hello... I am staying in Altinkum for a month or so and wanted to know if there are any competitive gyms I can join? Staying close to the Sky bar. Thanks. MZ
  2. S

    What would you do with a Duplex in Altinkum??

    Hi, Not been in here for years. Back in 2007 I bought a Duplex apartment in Altinkum, just opposite green park villas on Poyraz Cad. Wife number one loved it, I rarely had the chance to use it due to work commitments. We bought it because we found that Pegasus were flying from Bournemouth...
  3. P

    Eyelash transplants close to Altinkum help

    Hi everyone Hi everyone. Even though we have owned an apartment for around 10 years this is the 1st forum we have entered into. We are both in our early 60s and enjoy our twice yearly visit to what is our 2nd home in Altinkum. The comlex we are at has had its problems but to be fair less...
  4. J

    Altinkum apartment for sale

    Large 2 bedroom duplex apartment for sale in Altinkum on beautiful complex by Marina Road. £50k but I am open to reasonable offers. Please message me for more details and pictures. Thanks
  5. Tommie

    Altinkum 2nd Beach

    In Didim, by the Tuntas Hotel, there is a beach but I'm no sure of it's official name. Once upon a time, probably 10 or more years ago, it was known as the Tuntas Beach. However, I believe it may have been unoffically named as 2nd Beach by the local hotels, bars & residences. Then, at some time...
  6. G

    altinkum to antalya transfer/coach

    Hi I need to get to antalya from akbuk or altinkum in september, is there a transfer company doing this run? or maybe a coach from didim bus station? Im in the uk at the moment so cannot go there to check!
  7. C

    1st time buyers in Altinkum

    Hi everyone, fell in love with ALTINKUM, and want to purchase a 2 bedroom apartment, need all the info I can get, also anyone know a reputable firm to go with?
  8. H

    It's Altinkum Kev's Birthday !

    Wishing you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Altinkum Kev !!! Hilary x
  9. B

    i once owned apt in altinkum

    I used to have an apt in altinkum and was a regular on this site,i sold it and its contents about 5-6 years ago at a loss just to get rid,best thing I ever did as was being robbed left right and centre being charged twice for electric connections,people using apt when we not their as left keys...
  10. M

    Altinkum to çeşme

    I’m planning on traveling to Çeşme on March30/31st, does anyone know the best way to get there by bus? Also recommendations for a cheap hotel would be appreciated, I plan to stay overnight before getting the ferry to Chois. Thanks
  11. B

    Cars on Altinkum front

    I've been looking at the webcam for Altinkum sea front. Didim Alt?nkum 1 canl? mobese izle kamera | Canli Mobese ?zle,Trafik ?ehir Kamera Why on earth are cars allowed to constantly drive up and down the front as though its a major road? I get delivery vehicles but others? No wonder the paving...
  12. ted j

    Altinkum Market

    We have a few markets now, a new Monday market is on just 200 yards from our place , but seeing as we were out of potatoes , we went to the big Saturday market What I normally do, seeing as my legs are shot, is sit on the bike while Kath goes a few trips round the stalls gathering various...
  13. willip

    Altinkum improvements

    just got back from a lovely couple of weeks in Akbuk, we done a few visits to Didim.. got to say they have spent loads of money on the seafront and the boulevard, the pavement had all been replaced and the centre on the roads had been returfed and flowers and plants have been tidy and some...
  14. Tommie

    Altinkum Front

    Does anyone have an update on what's happening to that plot by the taxi rank/ ATMs opposite that lovely new eyesore by the Poseidon statue? It's been deserted for goodness knows how long and I believe it's going through the courts.
  15. M

    Aydin to Altinkum Boulevard.

    I'm traveling to Aydin Sunday 15th October, arriving 1.30pm, does anyone know the number and time of buses to Altinkum Boulevard. Thanks
  16. M

    Datça to Altinkum

    I'm planning to visit a friend in Altinkum, on or about 16th October, any advice on best travel arrangements would be appreciated.
  17. Mushtaq

    Altinkum beach September 2017

    After a few years of absence I visited altinkum today, the beach and area was generally busy but one thing is very noticeable this time majority of holiday makers were Turkish, I think about 90% Bars and restaurants are not so busy, I think guys running these are suffering, is this the same in...
  18. croftj

    Absolutely Altinkum

    Mushtaq can you advise how I can get back onto AA as despite getting my password re set I can't log in again. I've tried getting a new password and even registering under a different name (I am St Domingo on AA) but all to no avail, so currently i'm an ex AA member:Cry::Cry:
  19. ted j

    Absoluteley Altinkum

    For the last 2 days all I get is a blank page , the headers on the left are there but no threads show up until I press on home or view unanswered posts then the threads flash up for a split second then vanish again .any ideas Mushtaq?
  20. A

    Help getting title deeds - need good lawyer in Altinkum

    hi i need help getting title deeds can anyone give me a name of a good lawyer
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