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  1. F

    looking for an apartment to rent in Altinkum/Didim area

    hello everyone, im Catherine as everybody here i love turkey i like to go as many times a year as a can usually about 3 or 4 visits, im looking to be back in October but struggling to find a place to stay i only need a one bedroom apartment for me and my partner, if anyone knows of a website...
  2. Mushtaq

    2 Bed Apartment in Altinkum/Didim, minutes from the beach and shops £25,950

    A lovely 2 bed apartment located a short walk from the golden sandy beach of Altinkum, Didim. The apartment is on the corner of Ege Cad. and Gokduman Cad. The apartment is on the 1st floor, with a terrace. shops and restaurants are all close by as are the normal facilties like doctor...
  3. P

    Bodrum Altinkum/Didim transfers

    Hi guys, Newbie here! I realise this questions been asked on here before but could someone please suggest a cheap and reliable transfer company for four adults?. Myself and my family have visited Altinkum and other locations in Turkey several times but have been let down more than once before...
  4. B

    Buying Ceiling Fans Altinkum/Didim?

    Forgive me if this has been covered before. We are looking to buy a couple of (hopefully) high quality ceiling fans for our house in Akbuk in May. Anyone know the best shop/place to buy them in the Altinkum/ Didim area? Thanks in advance. Mel and Anne.
  5. M

    Dog Groomer needed in Altinkum/Didim

    We have recently moved to Yesilkent. We have bought our toy poodle with us. Does anyone know of a reputable dog groomer we can use before she turns into a yeti! Thanks
  6. E

    3 Bed apartment for Sale, Gumusluk

    Not sure where to put this . I have been asked by a friend to put his empty property on her . Its a 3 bed 2nd floor seaview apartment on Myndos Hills Gumusluk . He wants £ 40000 for it . He is living in the UK .

    Property prices altinkum/didim

    Recently I have been looking at a number of property sites including Cresent Homes and I am absolutely amazed at how low the property prices are in Altinkum and Didim compared to the rest of Turkish coast. While not wishing to be disrepectful to those members who live there but could somebody...
  8. L

    ceramic artists

    Was just wondering if there were any ceramic artists or pottery classes in the area, or if there was any use of a kiln near by to fire work? Have finished a degree last year in ceramics and would like to start making/running pottery classes. Laura
  9. A

    Santander in Altinkum?

    Hiya! was wondering if anyone can tell me if there is a santander in altinkum? i think there is but not 100%!!! Also!! if i use my card there, will there be a charge!? Hope someone can help! thanks :)
  10. B

    Vets in Altinkum/Didim

    Does anybody know if Aybuk Vets are still in business and if so, where they are located please.
  11. Smiler_Belfast

    Book Swaps in Altinkum/Didim

    We read a lot on Holiday's and will bring about 5 books each, does anyone know of any bookswaps in the resort, would be happy to leave 5 and get one for the return journey. Kellerman Child Gimenez, etc Larrson Betts etc S.B
  12. S

    ♥ When are we all heading out... :D

    Hiiii folks well its that time of year again, when we all flying out to our fav place...:D i'll be heading out on the 26th june from glasgow so if anyone else is on that flight give me a wee wave lol... looking forward to enjoying a bit of the turkish sun...sea and sand...not to mention the site...
  13. A

    Anyone in Altinkum/Didim know Linda & Mick Bukin?

    Hi All Bit of a frantic post here. The family and I are worried about my mum and stepdad who live in Didim. We have been unable to contact them for almost a week, which may not sound like much but my mum was sick last week and we havent heard anything since. Cannot get through to them on the...
  14. L

    Cost of living....?

    Hi... its been 2 years since my last visit to Altinkum and i will be staying at the Arena Park Villas, this june... But wat i was wondering if the prices of food and drink had went up? i know just now the exchange rate is low, but am i expected to see a big difference is prices? Thanks l...
  15. culturevulture

    urgent!! internet-cafes in Altinkum/Didim

    Hi everyone, Going to Altinkum/Didim tomorrow. Can anyone tell me where I can find internet-cafes in the main areas. I am up near ApolloTemple, so anywhere down along Ataturk Bulvari would be good. Thanks, Mary.
  16. R

    Long Term Rental Wanted in Altinkum/Didim

    Looking for an appartment/property/villa in Altinkum with specifications below; *In Altinkum/Didim *Available for rental at least for 2 years. *For appartments:Has to be in a site with security, pool etc.. *At least 120m2 or larger. *With at least 3 bedrooms. *Could be dublex or triplex. *NOT...
  17. O

    Long term apartment rental in altinkum/didim

    Hi, We are looking for a 2 bedroomed apartment for long term let. If anyone has anything available please let me know. Thanks
  18. P

    Solicitors in Altinkum/Didim

    Here is a list of Solicitors for the Altinkum/Didim area. Please add any more that you know of, particularly those you would recommend and provide Name, Telephone, and Email as a minimum. Here are a couple of the more common ones I've found already in no particular order; Ahmet Sipahioğlu Tel...
  19. B

    Optician Altinkum/Didim?

    My wife was going to get a new pair of glasses in the U.K. She got quoted £320.00 (expensive due to the strength of lenses). This got me thinking, would it be cheaper to get her glasses and lenses in Altinkum/Didim? And if so, is there an English speaking optician there? If there is, where is...
  20. S

    Long long long term rental in Altinkum/Didim

    Hi Me and my partner looking for a very long term rental accomidation in Altinkum/Didim. If any 1 could help that would be great!
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