altinkum or akbuk

  1. juco

    Interesting statistic re Altinkum/Akbuk

    Interesting statistic re Altinkum/Akbuk... In 2013, there were 949 properties owned by foreign residents. This fell to just 242 in 2014. A 75 per cent decline.
  2. H

    scuba diving around Altinkum/Akbuk

    Hi All, could anyone tell me if there are any Padi certified dive centres in Altinkum or Akbuk, thank you
  3. L

    Turkish Lessons in Altinkum/Akbuk

    Is there anywhere in Altinkum/Akbuk or Yesilkent that offer beginners Turkish lessons. I would prefer it to be not to be linked with buying beer and food and I don't mind paying. Is there any starting up in the area does anyone know? Many Thanks
  4. L

    Cost of Living 4 Single Person In Altinkum/Akbuk

    Hi, I'm struggling to find posts that relate to a single person's costs for bills, so i would be grateful for your help for me to work out how much i may need per month. Be nice if you could put figures in TL pls per month: Council tax (Probably looking at the most being based on a 3 bed...
  5. S

    Pool Tables in Altinkum/Akbuk area?

    Hi - has anyone found a bar/restaurant or other establishment in Akbuk or Altinkum that has a pool table please? My partner and I will get withdrawal symptons if we can't play for a week!!!!! Thanks Sherry
  6. D

    Changes in Akbuk or Altinkum?!

    Happy new year! Just wanted to know if any of the roads have changed in Akbuk or anything changed in Altinkum/Didim? Also, what was the winter like there this year? Keep me updated :goof:
  7. culturevulture

    Share transfer - Bodrum to Altinkum/Akbuk???

    Hi All, I wonder is anyone interested in sharing a transfer from Bodrum to Altinkum/Didim? My flight arrives, May27th, 8.05pm. Returning June 17th, 04.45am. Hubby arrives, May29th, 4.00pm. Returning June 12th, 06.00am. Thanks, Mary.
  8. H

    part exchange altinkum/akbuk area

    Hi i am looking for property in the Altinkum for exchange with property in the Akbuk area .It is a villa 4 bed detached on a complex ,with 63 villas, this would be a 3 way exchange. you can PM me for more details:roundgrin
  9. M

    Any Drummers in Altinkum/Akbuk?

    Hi- British band looking for a drummer,who lives in or near Altinkum/Akbuk areas. Any budding Phil Collins out there? Contact Alan through forum. Alan- k:36329ht5b keep music live!
  10. D

    Mirror shops

    Hi just wondered if anyone can help. we purchased a property in olive gardens in akbuk last june, and we cannot find any mirror shops anywhere, we are new to this so can any one help 5 sad ladies without a mirror (lol) thanks.:19:
  11. CrescentHomes

    We are looking for rental properties in Altinkum

    Hi everyone We are currently looking for rental properties. We have had lots of interest and have run out of properties! We have a waiting list of clients for properties in the Altinkum/Didim area, furnished/un-furnished. We offer a full management service, prepare all contracts and check...
  12. O

    Uk house swap for altinkum/akbuk apartment plus cash

    Hi everyone, I am currently trying to sell my 4 Bed, 2 bathroom link-detatched House with garage and garden in Stalybridge Cheshire so I can move to Turkey. A friend has just suggested I could try a Swap! I actually hadn't intended to buy a property in Turkey but given the property market in...
  13. Ian

    For SALE - 42in Plasma - Altinkum/Akbuk

    Hi, Anyone Didim way looking to buy a 2nd hand 42inch plasma silver in colour and good condition, am asking for 1000lira.
  14. Tonya

    FAO Mushtaq - photos of Altinkum/Akbuk

    Hi Mushtaq, just wondering if you have any pics online of the Altinkum area, like you did with the Fethiye ones? :)
  15. G

    March/April weather In Altinkum/Akbuk

    We have friends planning on using our villa in early April. We don't have any heating nor hot water boiler, just good old solar panels without any heating element! I was just thinking will there be enough sun to generate any hot water at this time of year and will the room...
  16. Mushtaq

    I'm in Altinkum/Akbuk

    If anyone needs to contact me here, my mobile number is 0537 502 1024
  17. K

    Visiting Altinkum/Akbuk

    Hi My husband and I are visiting purely on a viewing trip to buy a property from th July- 12th July 2205 and we want somewhere really quiet and saw Akbuk on the internet. Could someone enlighten us on any new developments being built that we may not find on the internet and prices. Also any...
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