1. culturevulture

    live music bars in Altinkum

    Please, Can anyone reccommend some live music bars in Altinkum. We are getting real fed up of the usual Turkish nights and the breakdancers. They were great to begin with, but now we feel once we have been to a few, we have more or less seen them all. We did go to Churchills Bar the other night...
  2. M

    Post Boxes at new Altikum PTT

    Post boxes are now available at new Altinkum PTT . They cost 7TL a year you need to take your Residence Permit. Good news for the residents that dont get their Mail. Did it this morning , plenty of boxes left .Mike.
  3. Phil Johns

    Car hire Altikum

    Can anyone recommend an inexpensive but safe Car hire firm in Altikum for May?
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